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It works perfectly. No sound anymore when I close the window. Thank you for the game and updates. I like it! Will spend some money now.

Tested launcher. Because I don‘t have the path-command in C and I would like to have all content in a separate folder named „Holiday“ I have modified the script a little bit and it worked so far:

Last but not least when I quit the game the sound is still playing. You can restart the game again without problems but sound doesn‘t stop when you quit the game again. Memory is given free. 

I‘ve copied the fonts and it‘s now working correctly. Launcher-test still to do. Thank you so far!

It works so far, but there seems to be a problem with the screen-resolution. Not all of the text is visible and some elements have wrong position.

Thank you. I'll try it out this evening and let you know.


I would like to try it out on my classic A500 with 020/8MB Fast but only HDF-file is available for Download. Would you be able to offer an lha-archiv for Download please? That would be awesome ...

Thank you and keep the magic alive !!!

You can try out the following HDF-file in WinUAE:

New archive added. The old one was corrupted.

I would love to see an Amiga-version of that game!

Thank you my friend. I'll try it out next weekend. Will we see an official release/complete game with story-mode in future?

Is this game still in development? I  like that game    and it would be really sad  if the development has stopped.

With an Amiga emulator like WinUAE or FS-UAE.

Have you received my email?

I've created an HDF-file for emulators like WinUAE that contains all required data (see screenshot). I can send you the file if needed.

Oh no. Will check and see if we can fix it.

Well done. Nice port with an awesome soundtrack!

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This would be too many disks. There is an hdf-file available that can be used for emulation. More details: EnglishAmigaBoard

Great games! Thank you.

I would like to buy a physical unit.