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Thanks for playing!

If you mean you have some injury or disability then true I didn't really think of accessibility in my design so far :(

Lovely game and graphics, sad that it lacked sound. I find the abilities creative but it takes away from this jam's theme.

I see there are only two targets that change colors but also there can be more than two colors at any given time, so it means that I will necessarily waste some circles even if I played my best? Also could use a win or lose condition.

The pentagon is pretty. I couldn't get more than 5 after some tries  but I still liked how it looked. Could use a smaller pentagon.

Relaxing game that gets you to think as well. Liked the aesthetic and music. Controls could use some tweaking.

Last stage has more than one solution but it seems only one solution gets accepted.

Managed to win. There is a small bug after winning where I think the background music plays more than once at the same time after clicking restart.

Liked the part where there were many $ lined up, I was tunnel visioning hard trying to jump over the flashing danger and didn't realize I can just jump back and then go to the upper platform. The distance didn't make me realize it's possible from first look.

Neat game.

I happened to find a bug while playing, the game doesn't properly reset its state after losing then retrying. After retry I play for a bit then I hear "this is unacceptable" even though there isn't anyone around that's low and then I lose, like there is a ghost wanting wi-fi.

Finally won!

The collision or size of the center part needs a bit more work, but I still liked this.

Controls made this hard but it did add a bit to the enjoyment. 3rd level has a bug where not moving after spawn causes you to drop off the world. The level with 1 click was the toughest (and it wasn't helpful that I couldn't tell where the edges were). Is the level after it winnable? Couldn't figure it out.

شكرا على تجربة اللعبة، سعيد أنها أعجتكم

Thanks. Glad you liked it =)

Oh now I see, this changes things, because I was helplessly watching my eraser get shot almost every single time.

Thanks for taking the time to play! glad you found it fun.

Well it's big yeah that's what why I made the 3D radar feature. The highest difficulty in this version starts after 21 points and it isn't the highest difficulty I intend should I make the release version. Got bored after scoring 203.

I think tug of war is universally known not just in Egypt :P

Tried playing against myself but something in the controls makes it unbalanced if the touches of both sides happen to have similar timing.

Lovely graphics. The controls were too hard, especially with how the physics were made.

Seeing the game was also classified as android I came here expecting to find an apk download but I only seem to see the Windows release in downloads.

My only gripe is the switching buttons are too small on my phone's screen so switching between them is hard for me. I liked the graphics style the most.

No, you're awesome!

Could use a "level retry" even after winning in case I wanted to find a quicker solution to a level.

The screen rocking is a nice novelty but using it consistently since introduction made it get old - and annoying - too fast. Other than that I liked the things you did, including the rain effect (could use a small tweak because in the initial frame a droplet appears it is horizontal). The drowning animation could be a liiiitle bit shorter. The level with three short square platforms was the toughest for me. Hope you get to make the final version.

Nice idea with making yourself smaller and liked where it's going overall, but I couldn't understand the limits of building, doesn't seem I can start building until I shrink myself first but even then there is a limit that is not shown. 

Some bugs I found which aren't related to the rating:

- Second level starts with higher than normal music volume.

- You can jump in the air for multiple times if the conditions are right, seems to be when near walls.

- The jumping platform can be made so strong that you jump through the ceiling and get stuck.


During my first play through I ignored the obvious ending and went to see what's ahead, only to find myself plunging into an endless abyss so I had to do over :(

The "lava" could have used its own sound effect because its sudden appearance scared me.

Also loved that it had checkpoints. Really great game!

Nice and quick. Noticed that an uncontrolled box is invulnerable to enemy damage.

Tricky physics game, and the camera always moving made it even harder. Was still a bit of fun, but music replaying from start every time was a bit distracting.

Made it to a galaxy that needs 40 fuel to jump, ran into a mercenary and while fighting him a trade offer appeared which distracted me, clicked no then mercenary's midair bullets got me and I rage quit. Still loved the game :)

But it did take me a while at the beginning to understand you wanted me to press C+Down because no way that looked like a down arrow to me.

Seeing as he inadvertently removed himself from the current timeline he is lucky to still have some form of existence remain, because truly removing him would cause a time paradox and the solution was whatever this strange world is.

At the very start I thought I was at a loading screen, took me a while before I realized I had to click the paper plane. Thematically the game is nice. Gameplay was very difficult but without feeling challenging. Only finished the first level by luck. More work needs to be done to make this easier, for example make the eraser invulnerable while erasing. Lastly I never understood the "drag eraser to stop" part.

Good concept. Two cubes starting with almost the same jump timing made it a bit too difficult. I also found some bugs for your own reference:

* Game over is displayed twice

* In levels with more than one cube, the game doesn't reset win condition on losing. (e.g. I can place yellow cube then lose, and in next try I place red cube only and I win)

Given the very short time you had this is nice. For your reference I happened to find a bug, pausing then continuing stops the counter and obstacle spawning effectively breaking the game.

I assume the open part is the end? Liked the game :)

Second level doesn't unlock after finishing the first. No sound (except for Nashmiah introcudtion). No music. Did you get to finish the game?

Thanks for playing!

For my reference, what message you saw on the screen when you decided you finished the game?

Thanks for playing!

"Nice!" is the ending you'll get if you didn't figure out the little secret.