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An amazing game as per usual! Cat levels boosted my dopamine levels, the secret ending was amazing! 10/10!

Amazing game 10/10 keep up the amazing work

With every Kultisti game, I make it my mission to 100% every one of them. So upon losing all of my sanity I have finished section B and I am officially beautiful <3 Amazing game! I need to go wipe my tears now :)  

Really fun and chill game only completed the regular levels but gave speedrun mode a go which was fun (time below). The game is challenging at times but that just makes it better. Amazing game as always!

another amazing game by the amazing Kultisti!

very fun and interesting game, has some really fun puzzles too! Nice game!

ah ok, thanks!

Really good game, loved the style and loved the concept, had fun working out the puzzles too! Also, speed ran the game and got 1:02.98. Started timing when clicking start in-game, stopped timer when the cat on the fridge was in motion with no way to stop him from completing the game :)

very awesome game, was super cute at the end! Super fun overall!

This was a super fun game and an awesome idea! I refuse to believe you fake these games in 48 hours! Loved the concept of the game too! <

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No problem! Really fun game! <3

Awesome concept! Loved the game overall, easy to get the hang of the controls too!

now stuck on level 13

I'm stuck on level 4?

An awesome game I honestly loved this and got nervous on the last level XD I think it would be a cool game to have a time option or something for speed runs as I think it would be fun to speedrun! but the great game overall, awesome concept!

Loved this game so much! Awesome idea with simple controls. My best was 36 and it doesn't seem like I can bit it right now! Is there any way to get the red handle back after throwing it without hitting a red? Still an awesome game!

This is one of the most fantastic and most incredible games out there! I can't even imagine how much time and effort you put into the making of this game! Absolutely unbelievable! Will definitely be following and playing more of your games!

nevermind I think I've figured it out

I'm completely stuck there's nothing to do in the game? I can't figure out how to progress through the game at all I'm still stuck in the first room. Can anyone help?

Interesting experience, loved the game overall!

1. This is a super fun game and a played it multiple times for no reason, one of the best clicker games out there for sure!
2. There seems to be a glitch where at a high amount of money when you go to buy something instead of taking money away from you, it will give you the money instead (the price).
3. I think I've found the point where you win the game as 1. you have infinity cash to spend. 2. All your henchmen give you an infinite amount of money after the heist (Image below). Yet this was quite funny to just get everything to stupidly high numbers that wouldn't be possible without the glitch. I will definitely come back to play this game when I'm bored as it's a real-time killer as well! I'm rambling on a bit now so I'll finish! (Image to 3. below). <3

All I can say is what a game! I really enjoyed the story as well as just the gameplay itself. Really well-made game and really relaxing. Took me around 20-30 mins to play. Another 5/5 game!

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I did it! Honestly, this game was a lot more fun than how it looked at first glance (no offense). The game was designed really well and was a very unique puzzle to me. The game really makes you think along with the fact that there are multiple ways to do some of the levels. But all in all 5/5 loved the game!

No problem :)

thats super cool never seen anything like that before!

on the right hand side of the screen the arrow line thing.

Damn interesting game ngl. interesting thing listening to the sounds of death, the name of the game makes sence now.

it has got a tutorial screen... ._. 

got a high score of 38 I might of been able to get higher if i didn't get stuck L Super fun game still, and no one else posted their scores does that mean I win? hehehehe :P

Of course I get the bad ending first :L Still, such a fun game even though I might have lost my friend by accident... Oops.

:0 I love that so much THANK YOU! Your puzzle maps are absolutely amazing though and I love the podium animation thank you for that. keep up the amazing work with your games and I'll be over here trying to beat them! I honestly love that so much.

New PB: 112.503

New PB: 132.520,  don't judge me lol its fun to speed run.

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new PB and maybe WR hehehee  

No I win 254.676 hehe

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My fastest time to beat the game so far is in 254.676 and this is just such a great game which is so fun to speed run too in my opinion with a great short story too, Kultisti's games are starting to become a fave of mine :P