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M Neu

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Hey! Could you possibly add detection of keyboard layouts? On my QWERTZ keyboard, z and x are very far apart.

Oh! I'd say that wasn't communicated very well - I mistook the arrow for a keyhole!

Hi! Great game, just one question: In the room with two small doors, I really can't figure out which words to use. I figured the only "up" thing was "thym" from the body parts poster, but I've already tried:

kithymrupuu kythengi, thymkirupuu kythengi, thymrupuu kythengi, thym rupuu kithengi, thym kirupuu kythengi, kirupuu thym kythengi, rupuu thym kythengi... etc.

Yet none of them work.

Sidenote: Why are some things capitalized, and some not? Shouldn't it be "Betzeming themengi!", which I interpret as "Look at the human!", or "Study the human"?

I was also wondering if you made up a whole language for this or just made these few examples.

In any case, great concept!