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It is certainly blew my expectations! I got 3 of 5 endings, might have to see the walkthrough after this. You and your team deserve more recognition!

Very big accomplishment to complete this in one month. One thing I dislike about Unity is sometimes the click response feels unresponsive/slow, but I guess that's the engine limitation, not your fault.

Looks beautiful, will share my thought after play it

Looks good, I dig the game itch io page color scheme, shame the ready to use UI you implemented is not the same. I understand because of the time limitation though, but if you plan to update on the future, I can help on UI design!

Awesome plot twist, I did not expect that. Also I like the overall ambience!

Unfortunately the writer has passed away and it seems I will not be able to continue after Phase 2

I am sorry, the writer has passed away and it seems I will not be able to continue it

Read the news here

I'd like to export this after I done with Phase 2, unfortunately it might take longer than I expected

this is very creative looking VN. I also like the page, the screenshot can move when you hover it! is it CSS custom?

Thank you for using my assets. Could I offer my suggestion to decorate your game page, maybe upload more screenshots to attracts the audience and tidy up the credits?

If you need another character, I can support you with the same style as the free sprites (provided it's not too complicated)

Thank you for using my assets, I read your work, and it's pretty interesting. Do you plan to continue the story and add more characters?

So I guess I have reached them all. When I go back to the first part, it makes sense actually. "I will return" seems implicating there will be a continuation though. Is there any plan to continue this story in the future?

Still, I'd like to see more content with this price tag, and more conclusive ending (there are still a lot of things that could be explained, and I'd really like to see if Hope had a bigger role

Actually, can you tell me how many endings it has? I feel like I have exhausted all the options (by replying/not replying the email) but somehow all the endings felt inconclusive...

The email that influence the endings are Bitlord's, Viktor's and Mike's. The rest of it? Doesn't seem like it will change much 

I can't help to think there must be a better solution 

It's Ok I've downloaded and played now, but still stuck on endless loop (I don't think I've reached "true" ending yet). I feel some addition of flowchart and list of ending would be nice to keep track of the progress

Some nitpick I'd like to address:

  •  Some of the UI is still Ren'Py standard like History and prompt screen (I feel like it doesnt reflect overall production quality, should have been made better)
  • There is no option to Skip unseen text. I know you might want to prevent the player for not actually reading, but it pains me I can't directly skip what I've read on demo version
  • There is no option to Load in the middle of the game, right click only leads to "Save" (again, it might be intentional but I find it is rather inconvenient)

why i can't pay with credit card anyway? i have nothing on paypal rn

it was short, but very well written. I was ready for the scare jump lol

That's good to hear. I prefer it on steam

I'm interested, will be there on Steam? And I'd like if you provided some demo, if possible

Thank you, I hope you can put it in a good use

Ahhhh! Rare to see someone played Caligula, I have to read this ^^

A young woman comes to terms with herself, her relationships and her sexuality. What's missing from her life? Can she break from her routine in order to understand who she really is? Will she ever find true love and happiness? Sometimes we must pass through darkness in order to find the light.


A Day of Her Life is a project for O2A2 2022 jam, meaning it may use Only One of Any Asset and it must be less than 1000 words.  

CONTENT WARNING:  Mature themes, severe trauma and loss, sexual themes and descriptions (but no explicit imagery). A sad dark story (but also  hope and a few beautiful moments too).

  • Format: Visual Novel 
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Yuri
  • Length: 1000 words (O2A2)
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Browser


I always recognize your work because it has distinct artstyle and it's cute!

Thank you! Yes you can, go ahead with it.

A lot of high quality submission and this is one of them. Congrats for finishing it ^^

The artwork is very nice, on par with professional level

Congrats on finishing it! Very proud of you despite your busy schedule/workload ^^

Looks so fluffy and colorful! Downloaded~

Thank you for the feedback and boy I missed it after so long, sorry before

I'll do my best to finish Phase 2

Would be glad to! My discord ID is 3,4-Methylendioxymethamphetamine#4886

Phase 2 is still a long way 😅 but please looking forward to it!

Seems really interesting and my cup of tea. Downloading~

Thanks, I'll contact you on Discord

Thank you for the exposure!

Hey, I know you before. Wasn't it you who translated Heart's Blight?

I'll contact you to discuss further details on Discord.

Enjoyable read so far, even though some things rather predictable. Art is very pretty. I read until chapter 20, save it for tomorrow

100% seen scripts, but still have some questions regarding the tall man XD I suppose he is some God of Death. Overall the art and interface is very pretty! The accordion music is very good I want to start dancing too lol

Heya! I'll let you know that the save option is not working, and clicking the Extras menu directs me to the story instead.

But other than that, fantastic start

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Thank you very much for the encouragement.

The first part definitely needs some improvement, as we are not a native speaker of English. But for the second part we hire professional editor, hopefully it'll fix the mistakes we made.

We hope you enjoy our work.

Six months ago, I "existed".

To be precise, it's been 6 months since I've been found by some group of fisherman, floating in the summer sea.

Me, who have no memories or a past at that time.

I want to know my real identity - but I am a coward. And here I am, spending my winter alone, with a fleeting wish to meet someone dear to me.

And then, those memories resurfaces....

A memory of my childhood days.

My name is -----, this is my story


ALLBLACK Reminiscence is an alternative/what-if story after the event of ALLBLACK Phase 1.


Format : Kinetic Novel (no choices)

Length : 4000 words

Language : English

Platform : PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) Android port soon


A tale of lost, pain and affection.


Winter has reigned over Pluto for more than 100 years. It has gotten so bad that most people cannot leave their house, and the alarming resource shortage means this planet is doomed to be destroyed. 

Unless Pluto manages to place 1st in the next Sorting Event - an opportunity which allows the winner to rearrange the Solar System. 

Chosen to be Pluto’s representative for the upcoming Sorting Event, Charon is training hard to prepare for this challenge. But before moving into the final stages, Charon’s mentor - Xander - wants him to hear a tale about the beginning of Pluto’s dark age.


Visual novel with interactive choice, 30 minutes reading

PC only (Android version will come later)