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S hehe

i like this game a lot :) it was really cool to play

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Fixed! Sorry about that :( 

Love love love love love the art! It's really well done! I also liked the puzzle elements. Very impressive for a 2-day game jam!


I loved this concept so much! I feel like you could really make a fleshed out puzzle game out of this, especially if you added more actions than the four directions. Very promising, and polished, and all around very well made.

Cool concept for a platformer. One suggestion could be to experiment with the hitbox so it behaves in less unpredictable ways, although maybe that was intentional in the first place :)

Very heavy to read, but I thought it was very moving and thought everything was written with care, but also without censorship. The way the thought spirals meandered also felt extremely real, and showed very well the hell that exists in our own heads.

This game was so cute! I loved it. I also am a sucker for 1-bit pixel art and it was drawn really nicely.  A really nice game.

This story was real. The way in which the prose was written was extremely vivid, and I thought it was really good. I also personally really enjoyed the way the dream sequences were shown,  it gave me a real sense of these characters.

My favorite part was reading about how the main character feels about Alex. They seemed constantly conflicted, and despite Alex's open arms, felt daunted at the prospect of even talking to them.

It was just really good :) I dunno what else to say

En train d'atteindre le valeur minimum de tyrannie, je me suis trouvé perdu dans l'histoire :) 

Très amusant à lire!

(Pardonnez-moi, français n'est pas mon première langue)

Truly an absolute masterpiece to behold; this game could single-handedly serve as the rallying cry for indie game developers trying to outsell Triple-A titles. With its deep, intense lore reflecting the quotidian struggles of the layperson juxtaposed with the feelings of wonder still persisting in modern life, expertly depicted with the curious rainbow cube wondering "I wonder what would happen if I fell down there". Not to mention, its seamless and subtle inclusion of the rainbow motif, a symbol of the LGBTQ+ movement, cementing this game as a quite potent piece of LGBTQ+ art and storytelling. Truly worth a download (two or three downloads to be sure) for 2-3 hours of pensive yet action-packed playtime.