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She is in the alleyway next to the orcmin offices, try one of the context dialogue option there

If they don't have vaginal sex scenes, then no, you can't

With Rogschard on PC Devices you can move with the arrow keys, and on Lordling of hearts the arrows will always be in the same place.

Also, always feel free to report any typos when you find them, it is greatly appreciated.

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I see, in that case you can try the following workaround:

  • On Chrome, install the Google Translator extension (not the build in one)
  • In the extension settings, turn on -Allow access to file URLs-
  • Download and unzip
  • Open index.html in Chrome, and turn on the translator extension
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Good sir, you shall play as a proper twink and you will like it, as god intended

Almost all characters can get pregnant if they have a vaginal sex scene. You can check the wiki to see which characters have special pregnancies ( ).

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You can use browser plugin / build-in translators on the web version. It will act like a regular web page. 

Unfortunately, including a translator into the game itself is currently not possible.

Yes, he should have a generic pregnancy if you have MPREG enabled.

You can find info about obtaining it on the wiki

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Not at the moment, but I a agree that could have been handled better. The text parser in Rogschard is not really set up to do that kind of stuff. I will keep it in mind for future, but old content is unlikely to get major changes

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Not really, I am afraid. That would require way more variants of the portrait art than I can reasonably produce.

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It is dropped by the chest in the north west of Qir dungeon F2, next to the Mosqir vestal

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It is dropped by the chest in the north west of Qir dungeon F2, next to the Mosqir vestal

I can look into it for the next build. No promises though, there probably was a technical reason why I didn't add it in the first place

I am afraid not. On mobile you can play the web version, or load the downloaded files into something called joiplay

Because the main story was completed. Version v0.2.17.x already denoted the 17th version after the large rework of the core systems

The patch is live

Thank you for reporting! I will look into it

Rogschard requires a browser to run, even when downloaded. Open index.html by double clicking it. Alternatively, you can use the downloader to play the game directly

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It's for entering debug codes on mobile. There are some cheatcodes available to patreons you can enter there, yes

Depends on the platform. On desktop there is a download/upload button underneath the save slots. On mobile you can open the browser version in desktop mode, and export the save there.

Thank you, glad you liked it~♥ I will add your comments to the suggested features list

Thank you~ Any additional content for Rogschard will be released to the public build 2 months after the Patreons get access to it, same as usual

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With v1.0.0.0 coming up next monday, there is a good chance I add stuff in the future, but not on a monthly schedule. I am currently working on a prototype for something new, and I don't know what the coming months will hold. It depends on how things turn out with the prototype, and if I continue to have enough money to pay my bills XP

Yea, it's a lv.5 Werecat skill

The patch is up

I have double checked. The skill has been renamed to Rockwalking, and is bugged. The namechange is intended, the bug isn't, will upload a patch soon

Hmmmm, strange. Don't know why it does that. You can try posting your savefile in the bugs channel in the Discord and I will take a look at it

Yes, on pc, you can hit the download button in the web version under the save-slots to download the currently loaded savefile. Then you can use the upload button to load it in the standalone version. If playing the web version on mobile, open the site in desktop mode and do the same

Oh dear, that sounds like trouble. I am sorry for the inconvinience. Would it be possible to post your savefile in the Discord?

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Strange, that should only happen if the javascript version supported by your browser is way out of date. And then I mean waaaaaaaay out of date

Interesting, what browser is this?

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Strange, thanks for reporting, I will take a look. Which one in specific is this, the bossfight, the adult scene afterward, or another scene? (Do note that most older scenes are retrofitted to work with the feature, they should not use any gendering language, but they will prob pick the existing wording for male genetalia)

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That's more difficult. I don't think you can see debug information without installing a specialized browser for that. It's not my area of expertise

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You can try opening the web browser debug (if on pc), hotkey is Ctrl+shift+i on most browsers. If you navigate to the console tap and post the error messages I might be able to help

Can confirm, is a bug. Will be fixed next patch

Alright, thanks for reporting! I will take a look

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You need to pass though the graveyard to unlock that door, its in the bottom left corner somewhere

I am sorry to hear that. I am afraid the avatar's body type cannot be changed. I would have loved to add a feature like that, but the sheer amount of variant art would have been beyond my ability to produce. I hope you can find what you are looking for elsewhere. Love, Nranchs

Oh, that's weird. Thanks for reporting! I will take a look