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nice thighs

Bob Land is a fan made adaptation for the classic retro game Gorilla Tag, made over a period of two weeks.

This is a virtual reality project created in Unity. The assignment consists of a gorilla animal and a single level where the gorilla escapes the lava.

As seen in this picture, the gorilla is trying to escape the lava floor, which rises up and down over a period of time. The goal is to try and survive for as long as possible without touching the lava. 

The lava, yellow in color, destroys the gorilla if he touches it. There are a few objects placed in the scene to help the gorilla escape from the lava. 

We then published this gorilla game to, completely public and free to use for anybody. We are still developing this game into a full fledged gorilla fan game, with other modes as well. 


This gorilla tag fan game was made using unity for arvr assignment 2 and all the gorilla tag players. We hope to continue exploring other ways to improve this gorilla game. Thank you.

waw thank you veri much

So the "lore" behind this game is that you accidentally hit a tuk-tuk, and now all the tuk tuk drivers in the city are enraged at you. The cliche here, is the over exaggerated and drawn out response of the tuk-tuk drivers to start a city wide manhunt on you. (This cliche is probably only present in my country, hence the confusion). 

We actually ended up having lots of problems during the development phase (pivots, etc), and hence created this within the last 6 days unfortunately. Which was why this game has so many unplayable moments. For example, the minigun tuk-tuk was only supposed to spawn after you have racked up a decent amount of score, and believe it or not it actually has different movesets. The way you rack up score is by staying alive and shooting the yellow tuk tuks, until the red one (Boss) spawns.

As for the insta-death problem? Well that actually was never supposed to happen because the game had much wider view before we built it. The problem was, that it took an incredibly long amount of time to build; by the time we were done building, there were only 5 mins left for the submission to get over, so we couldnt fix it. Im sorry for the inconvenience.

thamk my mom made it