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Hey everyone, I've just released the demo for the current game project: Cronin!

Cronin is an arcade-action game that allows you to do that cool thing they do in anime where someone cuts a bunch of guys but none of the damage shows until they sheathe their sword.

Please give the demo a go and let me know what you think. What you liked, what you hated and what you really hated.

Glad you liked it. I used Godot.

Hey thanks for the critique.

Hey, sorry I can't get past the selection screen. Space and Enter don't seem to do anything.

My latest game, Lord of Doors, is out today! Download it here!

Explore the strange land of Betwyx, and meet and help its even stranger people.

Gather up light and use it to open doors and delve deeper into the world, closer and closer to the Lord of Doors.

Engage in rapid and tense combat, where both you and your foes will fall in a single hit.

Play this game developed for the Game Endeavour 90 Days & Ship it Jam! Made in 001 Game Creator.

Pretty good! It did encounter an error when I died, though that's hardly the worst place for that to happen.