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Очень хорошо !!! Молодец !!!

Красивая игра. Можно порелаксировать. НО как-то скучно. Мне не пошла. Возможно так как много текста и знание английского хромает ((( Разработчик молодец !!!!

Какая-то дичь ))))

Вроде понравилась, но непонятно. Тут волны отбивать или что-то в лесу делать надо ? Где задания и карта хотя бы ?

Круто, очень круто !!! Продолжение будет ? Хотелось бы большую игру и историю )))

Хорошо. Есть история. Скромно  и со вкусом )))

Отлично !!! Почему хорошие игры всегда короткие ??)))

Интересная задумка. Странно,но мало ))))

Продолжение будет или нет ???

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Побегал, но не разобрался. Как-т овсе однообразно (((

Очень понравилась игра. Почему короткая ??)))

Добротно. Только в навигации запутался ))

A bit long,but a good narrative.

Хорошая игра. Не сразу понял,что там две концовки))) Молодцы!!!

Great idea to play as a zombie. Where's the sequel?Why so little ?(((

Good game. But you need a checkpoint

One minus. Maybe you need more lives or checkpoints ???Still the 21st century on the street )))

Well done!!! Will there be a sequel?

Very short to rate the game. Is there a sequel?

Is this game a joke ?)))

Good game. Is there 1 level or more ?

All right. Few background images.

Interesting idea. Easy and fun to play )))

Great game. Come again)))

Few. The plot is not disclosed. I wanted more)))

I liked the game. But very very short (((will be continued?

A good idea. Stealth is also interesting. Only briefly. And we need to rework the character. It's like a puppet ))) Well done!!!

Great game !!! Is the project alive or dead ?

As always, very beautiful. All rights reserved.!!)))

A lot of bugs and failures through textures ((((what is the point of the game? I reached the house. Is this the end?

Well it turned out. Only the last cut scene slows down. Will there be more levels ?

Thanks for playing. Very fun and funny ))))

That was great. I would like more plot and location. Will it continue ? Well done!!!

Okay, but why so little? Will it continue ?

Excellent graphics. I liked the plot. We're waiting )))

I liked the game. I've always wanted to play as a zombie))) Minus in the management of the camera can be very spinning (((

Great demo. The game is dead?

I liked the game. Scared me a few times okay ))) Well done!!!