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A bit long,but a good narrative.

Хорошая игра. Не сразу понял,что там две концовки))) Молодцы!!!

Great idea to play as a zombie. Where's the sequel?Why so little ?(((

Good game. But you need a checkpoint

One minus. Maybe you need more lives or checkpoints ???Still the 21st century on the street )))

Well done!!! Will there be a sequel?

Very short to rate the game. Is there a sequel?

Is this game a joke ?)))

Good game. Is there 1 level or more ?

All right. Few background images.

Interesting idea. Easy and fun to play )))

Great game. Come again)))

Few. The plot is not disclosed. I wanted more)))

I liked the game. But very very short (((will be continued?

A good idea. Stealth is also interesting. Only briefly. And we need to rework the character. It's like a puppet ))) Well done!!!

Great game !!! Is the project alive or dead ?

As always, very beautiful. All rights reserved.!!)))

A lot of bugs and failures through textures ((((what is the point of the game? I reached the house. Is this the end?

Well it turned out. Only the last cut scene slows down. Will there be more levels ?

Thanks for playing. Very fun and funny ))))

That was great. I would like more plot and location. Will it continue ? Well done!!!

Okay, but why so little? Will it continue ?

Excellent graphics. I liked the plot. We're waiting )))

I liked the game. I've always wanted to play as a zombie))) Minus in the management of the camera can be very spinning (((

Great demo. The game is dead?

I liked the game. Scared me a few times okay ))) Well done!!!

No fear (((Maybe you need to add more sounds ...

Wow. Great game. Will it continue? Let's go to the next one)))

Walking slowly. A little faster. Few. Will it continue?))

I liked it very much. Why is it lagging (((Where is the continuation of the game ???

Great game!!! Caught. I'll play again. Is there an end ?

Friend, the game is lagging on all levels of graphics !!! Where is the optimization ???

Why so little? Go on. Beautiful map )))

Well. You can play )))

Where is the end of the level ??? Or is it infinite ? )))

Management needs to be improved. Thank you for your efforts ))

It's a good idea. But maybe you need more hints ....

Cats are stupid ))

Very cool!!! Well done!!!

Maybe it was necessary to make a couple of levels for familiarization,and then come up with jumps?!