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The full Silkspinners Trilogy is now available!

All three games have been released on itch!

Follow the exploits of Cotton and Satin as they set out on a journey across a world of silk, make new friends, explore distant lands and confront enemies who endanger the very existence of the universe itself!

The Silkspinners

Silkspinners 2

Silkspinners 3

The universe has been saved, thanks to the efforts of Cotton, Satin and Wirm! However, another malevolent force has emerged and is threatening the lives and freedoms of everyone they know! Caught in a power struggle between the forces of Chaos and Order, our heroes must journey to the center of the World Web to put an end to this soulthread-crushing war!

Now, with new Unity skills!

Team up with a host of brand new characters to unlock surprising new abilities.

Are these backgrounds available for commercial use?

There are no child body types in the file I downloaded! Where are they?

Now available, the full release of 'The Silkspinners'. Comes complete with 11 additional lands to explore and 8 new party members to play as.

Feel free to comment or critique.

Must admit, never been that good with diagonal movement games. Nevertheless, a nice shooter. Kinda reminds me of Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command. Like the way you can use bombs and bullets at the same time. Would love to see a followup. 

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Available now, a brief glance at a new RPG due to be released early next year. Enjoy the first two levels for free. I hope it wets your appetite.

Feel free to comment and critique.

Thanks for the tips. Luckily, almost all of the battles will start off with a maximum of four actors. The additional party members will be added through summoning skills (Before you ask, I tried using Summon Core plugins that don't affect the official party size and they either didn't work properly or didn't fit the game-play mechanic that I was aiming for) up to a maximum of about twenty-five. Thus, I'm hoping that, if there are any lags and the players are particularly annoyed by it, they have the option of using fewer summons.

Actually, strike that! You used Yanfly's Battle Engine Core, didn't you? That works for me.

As someone who also wants to make a game with dozens of battlers, I have been really struggling with Yanfly's Party System plugin. It keeps pushing the party out of view as I increase its size. How did you manage to get so many actors in the same screen? If you used a plugin, could you send me a link to it?

When you and your husband move into a dusty, old castle, you begin to suspect that your new employers might be vampires. However, the truth is even more disturbing, and, with something lurking in the dark, the family are the least of your worries.

When the members of the household start disappearing one-by-one, will you be able to stiffen the sinews and summon up 'The Blood'?

Download for Free for a limited time only - Dec 24-26

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Defeat enemies in an array of different environments .

And defeat the boss in space.

For those who enjoyed the first installment, a new and improved battle between dimensions. Now, with detailed environments.

Download now at:

Flatland Fighters

A battle between dimensions.
Inspired by Edwin Abbott Abbott's masterpiece, play as A-Square as he fights against an army of circles and their leader, the dreaded three-dimensional A-Sphere.

Play now for free at: