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Recent community posts go to love's site and grab the mac OS version of the framework. I never used Mac OS, so i have no idea how you get it to launch .love files by default, but you should be able to just drag the game archive onto the love app from the site after you unzip it

There's nothing I can really do about that; if your drivers/hardware are very old, it can't support certain graphics features of the framework.

It's cute!

Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed it

The numbers, what do they mean?? Im still trying to understand, myself

turns out all i had to do to attain true comfort was kill 40 other people!


Same here, i was looking forward to this one 😔

I was playing a built-in map. I think it happens every time I deploy a full stack, and then attempt to deploy another stack in front of that one. I can't seem to influence whether it's at the positive or negative bound, so I can deploy the weakest army possible or the strongest army possible and leave the base with the opposite kind of army at the garrison.

Sometimes it happens to me even if I haven't already deployed a stack, not sure how that happens but it's a rarer issue than trying to deploy a stack after I've already deployed the maximum army

Oh wow, thanks a ton for doing a gameplay vid! 😮

Yep, unfortunately I left that poor scene incomplete and didn't have time to finish it up. The portrait assets for it are ready, but the writing itself didn't make it in before the deadline.

I agree that I should add some sort of speed boost in an update 😄

Really nice, big graphics. Game is fun but a little challenging and kinda clunky; I can never quite tell how far my dash is gonna go. Moves like the charge-dash are kinda awkward to pull off, like I'm doing weird keyboard yoga. I had fun with this though, definitely beats the boredom

Really cute game with an adorable 🐝-tagonist

🐝- i had lot's of fun colecting the necter with miss noyemi

It's a very surreal game where I didn't know what I was doing at first. I still don't, but somehow I managed to stay alive. Pretty neat, kind of like playing a dream.


I like it. Short but sweet. Directional audio too.

You could say I ate the whole thing in one bite

One of the draft versions of the art had green tiles for the ground, but it made me very confused with the water so I went with a complimentary scheme (for now)

Extremely simple game, a whole lot of fun too. The DING of multi-kills and ricochet kills is such satisfying positive reinforcement I kinda chased them a bit. Would absolutely play a version with post-jam updates.

The loop is pretty tight, honestly. If you did post-jam updates to add some temporary powerups (like Turbo Diarrhea or something) that'd be even more addicting

Alright. It's a little janky, but it's actually fun and funny jank. I had a great time 5/5

This one's not exactly buggy, but it's barely playable for some other reasons. 

1. The crosshairs seems like a feature that was intended for aiming, but your bullets travel in the direction the tank is pointing instead of where your crosshairs is pointing.

2. The camera is zoomed way in on the action, too far to actually have enough time to point your tank sloooooowly around (sometimes nearly 360 degrees) before you eat a couple hits from aliens.

3. The tank just straight up doesn't control like a tank. You hit the spacebar to rotate (A and D should do this) and WASD hovers the tank around the level. This scheme is more like Asteroids, which makes no narrative sense for a game where you're driving a tank across a field blowing up aliums.

Fun little game, when it works correctly. For some reason I'm always accidentally deploying a stack at the bounds of signed 32-bit integers, so I get rolled hard, or I roll the enemy hard. Sound is also VERY loud. It's also somewhat unclear how the controls work just from the in-game description.

Despite bugs and conveyance issues, VERY impressive work inside of 4 days

I did, around day 3 of the jam I had the environment decided on and did most of the art that day

I love this!! It's simple, cute, and actually pretty compelling. Failure makes you want to adapt your approach and the game itself is pretty good at teaching you how to play. Collision is my only issue with this; it's hard to get through tight spaces (but it's also hard to do collision in general)

500... man, this game is tough 😓

Very fun though, it's interesting finding strategies 👀

Hello, I'm one of the people who was involved in this production~ Last time I spoke to Agashi was when I did composition for her NaNoRenO 2017 project. I just want to confirm that this project was indeed not a scam, and it was something she was certainly passionate about! I get the feeling she simply burnt out some time after all of the other staffers had completed their work and perhaps it's too disheartening to try to attempt to give updates when no progress has been made.

I can ask her about how it's going, but I reckon the answer is not very exciting! At least in terms of this project.

Wow 😲