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Well I did! Really love the art style. I am pretty bad and can't defeat the first boss though.

Fireballs, as said above, are less awesome than they in my opinion deserve. I think, while REALLY cool, the arc they take is too pronounced, and hence, un predictable, this makes using them.... not... well just not as good as taking the short time to charge a hue blast attack instead.

Perhaps if somehow, they were a very fast, ranged attack option, it might offset this?

the megablast attack is EXCELLENT and feels great, so I would personally disagree with changing that to make the fireballs more useful.

As I said, I feel a really fast projectile, in a very predictable direction would make these much more useful. Perhaps the cool arcs could be represented only graphically, to keep that cool factor the fireballs currently have?

Anything you thought about while playing the game will be useful to hear. Don't be shy.

Palinode (Prototype) community · Created a new topic Bugs

Tell me about the weird broken things in the game here!

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for making a video. It's always nice to see how people play. Good luck with your channel.


So, I was thinking that blocking could perhaps be more obvious that you are, well, you know, blocking! everything else is very obvious - jump, fire stuff, attack.

Block might be more obvious if you literally put up some kind of graphical shield wall as well as animated into the block position. Just a thought.

Check out the demo of Novonium - a pseudo 2D space action/adventure game.

Here's the trailer

I hope you get some enjoyment out of it, and feel free to leave comments and feedback on the page.