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Good idea, I'll start with that thank you. I hope to see this implemented in the future!

Hi. I have a big collection of games I want to play someday, which I scroll through when I'm looking to play a new game. However, I'm not always in the mood for any of the horror or adventure games I've saved. It'd be absolutely awesome to be able to search and filter games within a collection so I can find just the right visual novel to play or something.

I'm sorry if this is already a feature, but if it is, I've searched for it and can't find it. And with my collection usually containing around 75 games, it's clunky to have to scroll through everything.

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Hello! Very cute game you have here. I just wanted you to know I found a bug. The game crashes if you approach the border and hit space. I'm playing the colour version on windows 8.

Here is the link to the log

Thank you. This is my favourite writing/creating project I've ever done. Link to my work. Flickr credit can be found in the description of the photos.

my crush approached me and wanted to talk about tha booty. 10/10 living out my fantasy life

Slept on the keyboard, slept on the counter, slept in the sink, got pets, went outside, tracked mud on every single tile I could, then laid down for a nap while both me and the dog were getting pets. 10/10