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Interesting concept

A calm atmosfere as we genocide a bunch of dogs. Sounds about the tipical Cat. 10/10

Really cool sound choice... They are soo pleasent.. 

Incredibaas visual ... 

Really interesting concept. But i was kkinda lost loking for an objective

Really cool choice of being random ammo

Realy fun and interesting game.. 52 kills here :)

Really enjoyed the feel of the game. I AM FREE DOG!!!

Omg. My head hurts.... Good Job as the other said. Simple, but cool

Well that was... strange.. 

+Really cool concept

-Aim being totaaly random is kinda boring

Reallly liked the difficulty and the music. The thing that got me was sometimes the diretion that i should go.. got... kinda confuse.. especially after a respawn.. Something that indicates the right direction would help