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Nova: Synthesis Creaturum

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Wonderful, so glad to hear this! Get ready for all of the antics that are yet to come in the story. ^^

Thank you so much! We hope you continue enjoying and getting to know the characters and the story! :)

Hi! We do not have a walkthrough of the game, but as a little hint, the remaining endings center about Merona herself, and not the relationship between the two love interests. When you make your choices throughout the VN, consider how they affect her relationship with other characters besides Duran or Lexan, or how they affect mainly herself. Hope that helps, and thanks for playing!

Haha, thank you! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here :) hope you’ll have fun playing it!!

Thank YOU for downloading it and trying it out! And as long as you enjoy your play through, that’s what matters most. ^^

Thanks for letting me know! Is there a way to email all my followers at once?

At the moment, my game is labelled on under the "in development" category. Once it's fully published and I change its status, will my followers by notified of that, or do I have to do something to notify them myself? Also, do followers get notified whenever I post a devlog? Will the notifications be sent via email or via only?

Thanks for your time!

We're very close to releasing the full game (for real this time haha)! It'll definitely be out within this year, probably around the fall, so wait just a little bit longer. ^^ We do have monthly status updates and previews of sprites/CGs/BGs/etc. on our social media pages, so check them out if you're interested!

Though Nova can be categorized as an otome game, romance and pursuing a relationship isn't its main focus--the focus is mainly on the plot and character development. It's not like there's a complete absence of romance from it, so I hope you will still try out the full game and see if you like it! Our team has been working hard to deliver a great visual novel and would love for you to enjoy the story/world of Nova.

Thanks for playing! Lexan and Duran are the only two who are romanceable for the MC, and you can see their sprites on the page.

Thank you so much! Hopefully, it should be rolling out by the end of this year or early 2017. :3