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Michelle, the Good Monster

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Thank you! For me, this was a really difficult theme to brainstorm on.

Hm! Fair points. Thank you for playing :)



Thank you for playing :)

I used to love gadgets like this when I was a kid. I wish the rotation was a little quicker. Fun idea! 

Ah! I wish I had a gamepad handy. This looks really cool, though. I love how much color there is.

Thank you!!

I agree. It's very simple, and could use some curveballs. Right now it's just a fun concept / foundation, but it needs more mechanics to keep things interesting.

If I'd had more time, I would've liked to add police who use your knocks, but with certain parts offset a little. An imposter knock. Giving them a product will ding you. Maybe even some resource management elements. All theoretical. I didn't get around to prototyping any of that.

Thanks for playing!

The swiftness of the attack is very satisfying.

This is a very sweet game. Music is nice, easy to listen to, and upbeat, and the illustrations are very well done. And shout out to the programmer (cause programmers need love too).

Wow! I was impressed by how much content there was. Y'all got a lot done in a week. Good job!

Aw thanks!

Thanks for playing. I would love to tackle a  bigger game one day.

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I totally agree on the criticism. I spent the entire 2nd -to-last and last day rebuilding/refactoring the game due to early mistakes. There was a lot more I wanted to do....

Buddy showing up one last time and giving you a gold start would be easy to plug in though, so maybe I'll do an update for you spy prodigies. 

Thanks for playing!

I did it! Looping/infinite tower was cool. I'm always impressed by folks who can pull off a 3D game in a week.

Solid puzzle game! Difficulty was well paced.

Aw shucks

The first time the voice played, I got a little jump haha.

At first, when I was just using the left/right arrows to rotate the camera, I was like cool! And then I hit the up arrow, and I was like, "ooooh sh****t."

Fun puzzle! Also, the color palette is nice.

Thank you! :) :)

Your group's game is really awesome.  The second I opened it up, I was like, "Damn. This is good."

Thanks for playing :)
Maybe one day I'll dive into an mobile build.

This is a cool look! I like the idea too.

This is so polished! Love the art. -- Don't press play too soon! The title theme is killer, and worth a listen.

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I like the concept for this! Rope sounds are very satisfying, and the art is gorgeous too.

This game is delightful. I was very surprised at first by how swift the dandelion moves, but I think it's great. Really forces you to just go for it.

Particle effects are put to great use, and some how it's still satisfying, even when I'm losing, to see dandelion get whittled down. Also, the quack sounds are delightful.

I managed to guild 105 quacks.

Thank you :)

Hey! The aesthetics of the game are top notch. Looks very pretty, and the style is consistent.

I see the theme was out of control; perhaps that influenced the control scheme? I found it a little frustrating trying to use 'space' inside the ship, but being able to use WASD out side the ship.

That said, I think there's potential. I wonder if it would make more sense for the 'out of control' coming from the ship spinning/moving erratically, and causing the player to bump into stuff. Or 'pipes' bursting and creating obstacles so the player has to take a less than optimal path. I dunno!

Still, I'm impressed with the amount of polish. 48 hours? That's nuts!

Strange! It's still working for me. Did you move the index, middle, ring and pinky finger onto the palm?

The game detects poses by whether the fingers are in the air or on the palm. The hand starts in a 'neutral position', where the fingers are considered neither fully extended ("in the air") nor on the palm. All five fingers must be moved to form the thumbs up.

I must not be very good at puzzles, because the solutions weren't always obvious to me haha. Still, I enjoyed this game. Found it satisfying when I was able to figure out the correct order. 

Great little game :)

Liked the simple aesthetic

The art for the arches and the moving element is gorgeous. Looking forward to your next game!

This is awesome.

This is a fun game! It was very satisfying to see the trail of toilet paper as I rolled around, and the blur on the roll as it's moving is a nice detail.

One thing I wish is that it was easier to see the customers. I don't know if it's a matter of making them brighter in color so they stick out, making them red dots on the mini-map, or pulling the camera out so I can see more of my surroundings. Not sure! Just felt sometimes like they came a little out of nowhere.

All around, I thought it was fun, and the controls felt very good and responsive.

Really nice visuals! Paired well with the music you chose. I can imagine how this would be really fun playing with another person and trying to fake each other out.

Made it to the end! I think the you guys nailed the atmosphere. It was certainly very creepy. I also think I see what you were trying to do with the way people reacted to the protag. You certainly had a theme in mind.

It's rough, but I can see how you could continue to work on this, or develop something new with this as a foundation, and refine the dialog mechanics, as well as add more environmental storytelling.

Thank you!


I liked playing this! Each level is a neat little puzzle.

This soundtrack definitely had me head bobbing :) Also, I loved the feeling of scrambling for the correct weapon type, and the graphics and UI nicely polished. Well done!

Haha! I take your sweaty hands as a high compliment.

Thank you :)