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I lost 99% of my will to live playing your game. Pretty cool.

The game was very fun

I played the game and was terrified

I played your game and it was pretty fun.

this was
This was weird..

I jumpscared before the jumpscare. That is my full personality.

I played the game and it was hilarious

The game is just a black screen nothing is happening

I played your game on my channel. Thought it was fun and wanted to show you it.

I played the game on my channel


Turn the mouse sensitivity down that is so hard to control

I played your game on my channel and it was actually pretty funny. I really liked it but I had a problem where the endings aren't working.

I played this game on my channel and I loved it for reasons I am unaware.

Your welcome hope you continue to make games like this in the future.

I played it on my channel and I liked it quite a lot.

Thanks man. Wait, what do you mean clickbaited?

This was a very cool game, I played it on my channel and it genuinely frightened me. Hope you continue your work.

This was a pretty fun game would love to see more of this like in a second part or adding onto what you have right here anyways I made a video on my channel for it right here

You can actually Right Click and it loads all the text so it doesn't have to scroll

I'm pretty sure you can only do it on Windows or Mac

You have to download and run it because it isn't play in browser

Ya couldn't figure out a way to make music

That sounds like a cool game mine is about collecting aliens to get bigger so you can get past the level

So far the game is retro style and takes me 17 minutes to complete

It's timed so I had surge as like in speed and outer as in outer space and outer surge also kind of sounds like outer space as well

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Outer Surge I even got a cool font for it but I don't think I can put fonts on these words in here do you like the name


wait is it US time zone because I don't know if it is the right one

I got a name already I don't need anymore

I wanna know how long your game is so far or if it is an infinite game mine takes 30 minutes so far and I started today

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The game takes 30 minutes to complete so far and we have 4 days left I started today so that would be at the end the game would have around 2 hours of gameplay so that's good

my game takes on average 15 minutes to finnish so far

It was just that I had the project on the wrong layer 


I got an idea for you. How about you go around collecting your clones and they give you certain abilities

I just started today so maybe you should to 

Mine is doing pretty well I started 2 days late but overall not doing that bad


maybe outer surge