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Very cool, no bugs and works very well!
Jesus that's a lot of dll files tho

Thanks! Next time I'll try to add some more stuff like enemies or powerups, to make it less simplistic.

The mouse is locked when in game, when you finish the game (menu and end screen) it unlocks, so you can click the buttons. That might be the reason.

Nice game, the font is a little too big in the How section and isn't readable for me but otherwise nice game. Also great to see another game made with python!

Side note: if you want to compile it into exe without console showing when running the exe, use --windowed option with pyinstaller

Yeah I tried to make them but I didn't have time (I had to leave the next day)

Nice game! Also great music 


Thanks! That is what I was going for lol

Great game! I like the idea that the health is also the timer

This game is great! I love the feel to it, it's also really hard. I will definitely try to beat it later!

nice, everything gets smaller lol.

This tileset is just awesome! Thanks :D

Very well made, unfortunately my pc couldn't handle it so it was pretty laggy, still great job!

Wow awesome! Thanks, I bought it!

Oh ok no problem, thanks for the art though! Its awesome!

Hey Superdark! I love your art, its amazing! I was wondering if you would want to work on a game with me? You could do the art I could write the code, its an Open World RPG styled game.
DM me on Discord if you want to! n0#0001

Can we create any type of game, EG: Survival, Action, FPS

wow didn't notice 


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a game engine used to create games using C#