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I fell in love with the game, with the art style and the potential it has! I'm definitely playing the full game when it comes out!

I got myself into playing your game! Nice little game. I'm looking forward for your upcoming projects!

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I REALLY, REALLY LIKE YOUR GAME! It's very well done!

It's spooky and also it has a great atmosphere! I wanna play more of your creations.

First of all :D I have a small brain right. So here is the point of view of a very small brain. I had some trouble understanding few things. It wasn't that obvious for me where to go. I didn't even hear the incoming message from my sister after "Take a seat" segment. But most importantly I didn't see that safe underneath the last letter.. That was an actual reason I died.  So I had to do the whole thing again. I wish I could skip the dialogue at the bench. Probably no one had issues like I did, I just wanted to give some feedback. Overall great demo! I'm very looking forward to the full game.

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I had one issue while playing this game. When you get into the kitchen you cannot pick up the obvious key. You have to try to open the door and then you can pick it up. But you gotta do it straight away. If you wander around after interacting with the door you won't be able to pick up the key again. Overall nice little indie horror game I just wish there was more to the story. Thank you for making it!

I enjoyed this game very much :D I just never found out why is the mic connected to the gameplay.  Great concept tho!

Developers... this is a message to you.. You actually made me cry and that has never happened to me playing a video game.. Wow, what a fucking experience... Awesome job guys! Incredible storytelling.. Thank you!

Wow! I'm loving this game already and I'm just 30 minutes into it. I cannot wait to see how it all wraps up!

I just finished your game and I gotta say I loved it! Wish it was a bit longer I also have so many questions but yeah. It was very good, thank you for making it :)

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Octavi! You're truly amazing! Thank you for your games! I wanna experience more of your storytelling. I'm truly your fan.

AMAZING little game. Octavi, you´re great story teller. I have played most of your games and I gotta say. I love every single one of them. I just wish some of em were longer and didn´t leave so many questions behind :D but maybe that´s a good thing. Imagination is sometimes the best answer. I wishthere was a sequel for this episode. I´m very curious why was she experiencing all this craziness. Thank you for your work!

Great little game! I loved it. I just have so many questions :D