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What an amazing game  !!!


This game is just awesome!

I was playing during 4 hours and it still me impressing how well is made the whole game!

The atmosphere of the game makes you to stay scaried and alert all the time.  The in game mechanics works so nice, and the monsters are so scary when they´re following and behind you and you enter in a no exit room..

I highly recommend to play this game during the night with the lights off and with headphones, keep close your phone to call 911 if you have any heart attack cause this game is really fxcking good.

My rating to this game:


PD: Some feedback for developers, from a developer sight.

  • The tutorial is a little bit mixed with the game screen, then sometimes you cannot read properly some important information.
  • It will be nice to add the options settings at the starting screen to adjust some properties before start to play (And add some graphics adjustments for low quality computers)
  • Some props scale not properly adjusted to the reality from the user scale, like the fire extinguishers.
  • The First Aid Boxes doesn´t response sometimes to the call of "E" Interaction, and some of them could make you stacked forcing you to restart the game to leave from there.
  • While you´re reading a note and press the escape buttom to pause the game, you cannot see the mouse cursor.
  • Some doors are not filling properly all the space of the wall, so you can still seeing through a little line.
  • That´s all! Take all this tips positively and keep up with the good work!

Wow I love this game! I cannot wait to see more content! I´m impressed how did you develop this trough Unreal! Keep up with the good work! ^^

I like it so much! I´ll wait for the quest port!

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Congratulations for winning the Unreal Epic Mega Jam!! :D

Thanks for share this! :D

And how´s animated the characters movement? Just physics?

Wich game engine did you use to develop it? 

It looks so nice! :D

I missed some jumpscares but it´s a good game tho. I love it!

I really like the ambient and my feedback is: The colliders of the curtains blends with some props close to the windows, so maybe the visual got affected

There´s an radio prop upstairs that you can borrow I think you add the manipulate object system, but it get stuck in the current position without gravity, so you can check it out to add the physics after grab the obcject or whathever you wanna do.

That´s all! And greetings from an Unreal Horror Developer Fan!