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Simple yet really charming, love it

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This game it's great though I wish there was the option to see the keyboard controls (I know it's recommended to use an actual joystick but I don't have and it would be nice just to have a tab or something in the controls of the pause menu or something in the main menu instead of trying all the keys to find the corresponding to each action).

Really beautiful game and so aesthetically pleasing :D

Cool game, I love the style of it in general  and the designs are great  :D

Awesome game! Apart from the story and gameplay itself which are great I also love the aesthetics of it! :D

Nice game :D, also that bowl's face is really cute :3

Cool game!, I also think it's a great and original concept :)

I like it a lot :D also that detail of having a level when you die it's great!

I liked the game and fits well with the theme of the jam, I liked the audio and gameplay even though it feels a little unbalanced specially at the beggining.

Overall cool game :D

I really liked the game but the first time I appeared under the floor (like just the head was visible) but it fixed by restarting the level.

I loved the cute little kitty :D

Nice game, but the movement feels kind of weird for being in space.

 I liked the music and sfx :)

Cool game!

 I like the aesthetic and how the game interacts with the player, also the audio is great :D

Great game I really like it specially the gameplay and music :D