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Really nice

Very cute graphics and music, I love the concept

This is great! Really interesting mechanic

I love the style of this game, the art is beautiful, I love the music and sound fx and the concept is really interesting.

Really cute and comfy, it would be nice if there were some sound fx and the music volume could be adjusted instead of just mute/unmute, but it's a really nice game :D 

All endings done! nice game, short but interesting and I like the Jester. 

Really cool idea!, so fun to play with :D 

Love the art, super cute!

Cool concept and it looks really nice :D  

It's awesome that you made this in about two hours, I bet with more time a polished version would be really satisfying to play but what you did is great!

Thank you so much!

Those are really cool ideas, I haven't thought of that. 

It was really fun to participate😊

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Thank you. The objective is to take photos of the animals while you are cozy inside. 

As it is it doesn't have much objective because the room doesn't do much but the idea was for the chimney to go off and the radio change to static so it would change the bonus points to the photos (or other mini games that didn't get to work on for the time).

Thank you again for playing 😊

Really cozy and also looks super pretty!

I like the idea and it's fun to play, the customizable team is a great addition.

The art looks great as well :)

Cool movement mechanic and I really love Santa's look :P 

Fun short game :)

Really nice game! I love the looks of it and it feels super cozy and relaxing.

Maybe it could have like a time limit for an amount of stars or something to make it a bit more challenging but I get it would be less relaxing and I think it is great as it is :D

Really nice game, I love the look and the concept is quite interesting.

I think that maybe the time before freezing is a little small so it makes it a little too difficult, and it could be nice if once we look at the map we can access it from inventory or something but I still think it's a great game and it's awesome how much you did in only three days :D

I believe it's because you get too far away for the fire and freeze

The first time I thought the lights were going to break by the snowballs so I puposedly catch them haha

Really nice game I like it! :)


Great game! I love how it feels like being inside of your animations.

The fight was a little too tough in the second stage but it's okay, loved all the characters and little things here and there. Good luck with the kickstarted!

Really cool game!, played it all and some time in the endless version. Love the mechanic and the levels where not hard yet really fun. Also the whole aesthetic and music/sfx are great too! 

This game is really fun and also looks fantastic, the music is great too specially I loved the "tense" music :P

Cool puzzle game, played all the levels, it is not much of a challenge but it is not way too easy either.

Really nice, simple but fun to play

Super cool game!

Really fun to play and super cute :D

Really cute game!

Really nice game, though in my PC it has a hard time running it and the gameplay is really slow (the cubes rotate and move super slow compared to the trailer video). I think I shouldn't have issues since I can run more complex games without issues but for some reason moving and rotating a couple cubes gives my computer a tough time.

Aside from that I really like the game, it has a great aesthetic and I like the story. Great demo :D 

I really liked the game!

Reaally nicee

Simple yet really nice, I liked it :D

Really cool and interesting game, also the art and the music are great!

Simple but addicting, also love the ghosts designs. Great game!

Really cool game! Simple yet fun and clear, also looks really nice.

That was quite creepy, great game :P

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Great game! Really liked the interaction of the characters and also the art

Simple yet really charming, love it

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This game it's great though I wish there was the option to see the keyboard controls (I know it's recommended to use an actual joystick but I don't have and it would be nice just to have a tab or something in the controls of the pause menu or something in the main menu instead of trying all the keys to find the corresponding to each action).

Really beautiful game and so aesthetically pleasing :D

Cool game, I love the style of it in general  and the designs are great  :D