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The patch seems to be a reference to a patched full version. If you download it it'll play. Just tried it myself. 

The whole point of a jam is to code it yourself. Besides that, we have no idea what engine or language you're coding in, so how would we provide you code? If you type your issue and the language you're working into Google you can generally find your solution. 

This is pretty great. Well worth $1, keep up the great work!

I think it'd be a great way to make it feel complete. Boba flying out into the twin sunset or something. 

Great music, awesome atmosphere. It it possible to beat it?

That's awesome! I'm to expand the game soon! Thanks for playing!

The game crashes when I press "Q" to quit. Great game though! Love the art style and the stealth system!

Perfect, thank you!

Amazing game, one of my favorites

Hey Yal, nearly got it all figured out. I was trying to make some of the walls more rectangular and less squared. I used the below to do so in the draw event and it looks perfect. However, the collision box is still the full square. I made sure to also change the tops and bottoms.

d3d_draw_floor(x   ,y+32 ,     zbottom+0.01,x + sprite_width,y + sprite_height,zbottom+0.01,my_fex,image_xscale,image_yscale)//Floor
d3d_draw_floor(x    ,y+32,     ztop-0.01   ,x + sprite_width,y + sprite_height,ztop-0.01,my_fex,image_xscale,image_yscale)//Ceiling
d3d_draw_wall(x ,y+32  ,zbottom+0.01,x + sprite_width,y+32     ,ztop-0.01,my_wex,image_xscale,1)//Back wall
d3d_draw_wall(x   ,y   + sprite_height,zbottom+0.01,x    ,y+32,ztop-0.01,my_wex,image_yscale,1)//Left
d3d_draw_wall(x + sprite_width,y+32,zbottom+0.01,x + sprite_width,y  + sprite_height,ztop-0.01,my_wex,image_yscale,1)//Right
d3d_draw_wall(x + sprite_width   ,y + sprite_height,zbottom+0.01,x,y + sprite_height,ztop-0.01,my_wex,image_xscale,1)//Front?

Great backstory and super fun game! Love the work you all do. Can't wait to see what's next, but this will certainly hold me over for a bit!

Incredible game. I've been loving it! Super unique concept too. Keep it up!

Following your instructions. I can't get it to run because when I run node index.js it says module not found. I've installed Node.js etc.


Thanks Yal, great engine!

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Trying to add new weapons. I see your logic in the script init_weapons. However, where are you declaring the "wp_UNARMED" or "wp_PISTOL"? I can clearly see how you added items, just can't get those wp_ declared to allow more than the two weapons you have in the example. 

Using GMS2 FYI

This is incredible, and will take a bit for me to decipher but hats off to you!

What's been your experience with FPS? I'm getting 15-20 FPS on the demo level.

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This is phenomenal and at a great price. Thank you so much! I'd love to buy more of this kind of work if you have it. 

This throws an error when trying to unpack it. 

I plan on using GameMaker

Anywhere we can play this?