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This is incredible. Hats off to you!

Awesome game!

Pretty fun game! Great job for a short game jam like Ludum Dare!

This is great, thank you!

Great job on this, super impressive to pull this off on the Pico-8!

Gorgeous game, great aesthetic for this time of year.

Love this game. Incredible and inspirational. 

Incredibly well done. So much here I never would have thought possible with the Pico-8. Hats off. 

Thanks for taking the time to check my game out. It's a tech demo of two weeks worth of work. I tried to make it pretty polished and self-contained to have the primary mechanics. Hoping to continue development if others find it fun. Collect cards as you journey through an apocalyptic wasteland of the former world. Add cards to your deck as you progress and face new opponents.

Can't wait!

This is great, thank you!

Haha, I just made the full version the demo for the purposes of this. The demo will be taken down once they decide on the games for this Anthology. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Included a demo on the page. 

This looks fantastic, can't wait!

This is beautiful. 

Always love each of these packs. 

Awesome little game, just the right amount of challenge. Is there an end or boss?

Very cool little game. Love the chill atmosphere. Surprisingly dynamic gameplay. 

Is this made in Unity or GameMaker? Love the demos so far. Can't wait for all the future development. 

I'd recommend setting the suggested price at the same as the full set of sprites. Makes it more intuitive when you know you want the paid sprites instead of hunting for the price difference on the page. 

Great game, absolutely love it. Beautiful artwork and challenging. Take my money!

Just FYI, this still works to resolve the issue to this day. 

Thanks for fixing it!

Really cool

Great game, loved the explosion animation!

This is great. Well done with so few characters. I like the white/black outline for who's turn it is, clever. 

This is AWESOME. I'm blown away.

This is very well done. Very impressive in so few characters. Hats off to you. 

Definitely a unique take on the brawler. Love the level design and destructible terrain. 

This is great. I'd love to see more like this. Great atmosphere. 

Really interesting game. I feel like it's Bernband 2.0. WOuld love to see you continue adding to it, maybe the pimps fight back, etc. 

This seems to be broken in GMS2.3. Getting an error with the case statements.

The patch seems to be a reference to a patched full version. If you download it it'll play. Just tried it myself. 

The whole point of a jam is to code it yourself. Besides that, we have no idea what engine or language you're coding in, so how would we provide you code? If you type your issue and the language you're working into Google you can generally find your solution. 

This is pretty great. Well worth $1, keep up the great work!

I think it'd be a great way to make it feel complete. Boba flying out into the twin sunset or something.