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Don't thank me, thank the developers

I was confused about where to put this since it isn't my game.

Seems to work on the app for me. Thanks for the information though


Xonotic is an open-source, futuristic, fast-pased FPS game based on Nexuiz Classic (which is also the basis of Rexuiz). It's got one of the best communities in all of gaming, and its developers are some of its most prominent players. Overall, I think it's a very good game to pass time and/or waste time with.

That's why I uploaded Xonotic to, it's a great game and deserves more attention.

If this is in the wrong forum please tell me why, I will remove this post and post it in Release Announcements or wherever instead. I'm confused about the rules.

I wonder if it would be better if I just posted on one of those forums and saw what happened.

How does this compare to Xonotic with the SMB modpack?

The motion blur always throws me off. Is it possible to disable?

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EDIT: Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I'm not sure where else to ask this question

I uploaded a game to itch. I didn't create this game, nor have I ever claimed to; I do, however, have the license to distribute it. I am not a close friend of any of its developers, though we have communicated in the past.

In this case, would I post about this game to the "Recommend a game" forum or the "Release Announcements" forum? If I don't own the game and am simply giving it exposure/publishing it elsewhere legally, does it count as self-promotion to talk about it in "Recommend a game?"

Sounds like a good idea, might consider it

The answer is maybe. I don't use as often as I did when I uploaded this, but if a new version comes out, hopefully I'll at least remember to update it here.