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Soon, I took a little break from this project to focus on building Boomer which has an alpha build and a steam page =)

thank you so much! So happy to have inspired you. I designed everything in Boomer using aseprite. Hopefully soon I will post a new tile set that had a similar vibe. 

Good luck and keep going!


hey there!

Camera system is so much better and can automatically adjust itself for any resolution. This alone was great as Boomer had issues on ultra wide. 

Particle system is awesome, works via a GUI and you get to see your adjustments live in game. In GM you had to do it in code and build the game every time you want to test it. 

Better community support. Lots more tutorials and polished content. I hear GameMaker is now building a similar forum. 

Platform support, it doesn’t cost more money to export to other platforms. 

Anyway, these are just a few. I love GM, it’s really fun building in GM, but I wanted to give Unity a shot and it’s working out real well. I highly recommend it, especially considering it’s free. 

Thanks for the support on Boomer!



Thank you so much! I tried out the game and it I LOVE IT! Great job!

great job! loved it!


Wow thank you so much for taking the time to provide such thorough feedback, I really appreciate it.

I am happy to hear that you've enjoyed the experience. I do have some tweaking to do before promoting this build to beta.

  • The visual cue for stamina is a great idea and will definitely be implemented for the beta. 
  • More music is coming and visuals
  • More Lore is definitely coming and yes! The fragments are a part of a world that is being rebuilt by boomer

The beta should be coming out in a couple of days so look out for an announcement!

Thanks again!


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woah! That’s awesome! Thanks for trying it out!

ha! Yes thanks for noticing it’s not intentional but I have yet coded permanent loot. Will probably have that fixed for the beta! Thanks again!!!

BOOMER community · Created a new topic Feedback


Thanks for trying out Boomer. I really appreciate your support.

Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback or suggestions.

  • How did the movement feel?
  • Did you play with Keyboard/Mouse or Gamepad?
    • If you tried both, which do you prefer?
  • What would make this experience beter?
  • What would you like to see in the world of Boomer.?



would love to include by little asset!

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lol thanks, yeah I spent some time working on those

Hey, I tried downloading it, but it keeps getting blocked by chrome and Windows indicating that the file is malicious.  Im able to download it if i adjust my security settings and put an exception for the app, but i thought i would mention it.  Maybe changing the filetype from exe to a zip or compiling it differently?

Nonetheless, game is looking good!!!

this ghost is amazing.  nice atmosphere and pretty cool game mechanic.