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Hey Gothams_knight22! Thanks for your interest in Pinbrawl :-)

I've been trying to email people about this to help out as much as possible...the problem with distribute() that I've been using for codes is that it automatically removes all symbols from the link (:, -, //, etc.). So the links actually work, as long as you follow the normal website URL conventions. So for example, if your code was:


you'd want to reformat it so that it looks like this:

Kind of a pain in the butt for now, but soon we'll be switching over to Steam Early Access for press key distribution.

Thanks again!

Old man shmuppers

Sorry to anyone who thought this was Mac-only! Windows build was botched and I had to re-upload it!

Thanks, man!

Hey everyone! While Pinbrawl is currently compatible with PS4 controllers, we've neglected to include PlayStation controller buttons in the game UI. We'll patch that in along with some other stuff as soon as possible!


Northern Heart Games LLC

After a little over a year and a half in development, Pinbrawl is finally ready to start sharing with the world! Get it first on – 50% off for the first two months! Join the community and help shape Pinbrawl into the great game you'd like it to be!

Pinbrawl is an elimination-style, local multiplayer pinball deathmatch. 2 to 4 players go head-to-head in a chaotic pinball thunderdome, in which you can control floppy, physics-based characters to slap the ball around and score on your enemies. Players start with 3 lives and lose one each time the ball slips through their paddles or flies over them. Once defeated, eliminated players come back as ghosts for a chance at revenge! The game is just plain goofy to look at and is funny and enjoyable whether or not you're winning!

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Streamer or YouTuber? Record or stream yourselves playing the game? Please, please share links with us! :-)

Pinbrawl community · Created a new topic Stage Ideas

Share your best ideas for new stages here!

Pinbrawl community · Created a new topic Character Ideas

Share your best fan art or made up Pinbrawl characters! Only rule is that they must be sausage shaped.

Pinbrawl community · Created a new topic Bug Hunt

Hey all! Thanks for playing Pinbrawl! Please feel free to report and discuss any bugs you might notice. We will try our best to address them as quickly as possible!

- Jason