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For almost a decade, the idea of a brand new sci-fi themed multiplayer strategy game has been taking shape at Norsedale and in spite of various setbacks, we persevered and are now happy to invite you all in to help us finetune and tweak the core game experience.

The game currently offers what you would expect from a basic multiplayer strategy game plus a few twists of our own, but there's so much more we want to do. However, while we have a ton of ideas of our own, we'd much rather hear it from you!

So, come join the fun and let us know what you think...


- The Norsedale Team

Deep Rift 9 has been in semi-public alpha for a while now - we're looking for hardcore strategy gamers who wants to be part of the process and help shape the game. The core mechanics are in place and the game is completely playable, but even though we have a ton of things we want to add, nothing from here on forward is set in stone. In fact, several of the features that we already have are still subject to evaluation.

So if you want a chance to add your personal touch to the next big strategy game, chime in - we'd love to hear what you think works, and any ideas you have to improve things that don't.