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This game is awesome


We have started to discuss the next iteration of the Jam.

Help would be very appreciated.

Let's make #5 the best it can be!

The art is lovely, and the game is pretty amazing too. Way more depth than I expected (but that may be bc. I almost never play defense/strategy).  Thank you for that help text. Well done!

Yes, I should have known better than to eat a rock a second time. xD But I was hungry and really bummed out!

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Impressive for the short time you spent on it. Very satisfying to look at. Good use of colors and nice effects. It's like a painting where all the saturation and light is focused on the food.

There's this semi-dogmatic design rule about how "enemies must stand out from the background". In this case I rather like that the enemies are part of the dark hostile background. It would be something different if they were as colorful and shiny as the fruits (and they're still easy enough to see for anyone who is used to play gameboy).

This turned out really well. Many jam games have interesting and unique gameplay ideas, but then fall short on execution. This on the other hand has a pretty simple design, but then executes it really well. The result is a coherent and complete experience, with fun usage of the theme, nice (as nice as looking at puke, poop and intestines get) graphics, suitable audio.  I learned what I needed to do quickly and after that there were never any confusion, just pure gaming bliss. The difficulty was just right.

Well done!

I also liked that 1-week-within-2-weeks-format. Hopefully well do that next time.

Glad to have you!
The planning discussion will probably take place on the fantasy console discord server. Hopefully #5 happens before 2020, and hopefully it will be announced at least a month ahead. :)

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"Guys, you dropped the ball on this Jam"
 No, we picked the ball up. Since no one else was going to. And what do we get? xD

I can understand your frustration if you missed this, since I waited a looong time for #4 to happen, but It seemed like it never would (it's been on hiatus for a very long time ) so I took things into my own hands.

This jam was spontaneous, we started it only about 1 week after we decided to do it in the Discord, and we (I) didn't have time to advertise it for months and months ahead on every social media platform.  Still, over 40 people joined, so evidently quite a lot of people wanted to make games, including myself, so I already count it as a success. 

Let's aim higher with #5, and please help us out with that that (pm me on discord).  (And let's not wait for two years to hold the  next "happening every quarter"-jam).


Underrun was just insane.  Probably the best js13k entry I played. Glad to have you onboard. :D

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I'm guessing the NPCs vision will be just as limited the (genetically enhanced) vision of the soldiers in MGS1. :P

That is just awesome! >:O

Add some high tension music to that and I'm already in the mood. :P Looks very promising.

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Good topic. Always fun to see what others use. (Don't forget to write all about it in the discord as well!)

Engine: A custom engine that is holding together thanks to multiple cans of flex-seal.
3D: Blender
2D: Gimp

Ah, I've seen that on twitter. Very cool style indeed. I've had an appreciation for 2d sprites in 3d worlds ever since I played Strider 2 on PS1.


Brilliant game! I had tons of fun. Good job!

How to demake Alone in the Dark, in Pico-8

This is great.

Wow and lol! I would also like to see that!

Made an update to the sky, the camera and to the track (very post deadline, so beware if you're going in for a late rate). 

Really solid and pretty game. 

I am interested in playing around a bit with Pico8, to get some neato graphics going there as well. ;)

Got up to 7540 using the arrow keys ( my mouse is crap). A fun, well designed and well implemented game.  The power-ups are very useful . Hmm, where have I heard this music before...? :P Nicely done!

Got 1250. One the coolest pico games I've seen. My little nitpick is that the reticle is green when you're on target and red when off, instead of the other way around.

The music if fuken awesome.