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Brilliant game! I had tons of fun. Good job!

How to demake Alone in the Dark, in Pico-8

This is great.

Wow and lol! I would also like to see that!

Made an update to the sky, the camera and to the track (very post deadline, so beware if you're going in for a late rate). 

Really solid and pretty game. 

I am interested in playing around a bit with Pico8, to get some neato graphics going there as well. ;)

Got up to 7540 using the arrow keys ( my mouse is crap). A fun, well designed and well implemented game.  The power-ups are very useful . Hmm, where have I heard this music before...? :P Nicely done!

Got 1250. One the coolest pico games I've seen. My little nitpick is that the reticle is green when you're on target and red when off, instead of the other way around.

The music if fuken awesome.