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I am happy to hear about the reboot and, more than that, I am glad to hear that you are in a better place currently. I do understand that code cleanliness can be a hassle, so your decision to start from the beginning again is understandable. I eagerly anticipate further news on the reboot and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

I don't log in often unless I have several games that I have played that I want to write reviews for, but when I saw her comment I was so dumbstruck and disgusted that I had to respond to it.

On a brighter note, I am glad to hear your status update and I look forward to the future projects that you will make with the tools you are working on presently.

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I have spent a decent amount of time playing this game despite there only being three modes and two maps. I would love to see this expanded upon with more parts, more maps, and more game modes. At the top of my wish list is a classic, wooden rifle stock for me to base my weapons around. X, Y, and Z drag arrows being an option for moving pieces when creating guns would be an appreciated luxury. Better enemy spawning would also be nice, as them just dropping from the sky (and sometimes right behind you) can be a bit frustrating. Finally, manual orientation of the weapon relative the player camera would be an appreciated feature. A very fun game that I hope to see updated.

Edit: No idea what's going on with the post formatting.

Very impressive game considering the 72-hour time limit. Even without considering the time limit, it's a pretty fun game. I will admit, the title had me excited for World War I and II weapons but the game is fun enough for me to shelve that disappointment. Would love to see it expanded with unrestricted placement of defenses and more weapons.

Thank you for the kind words regarding my comment. I will certainly be trying future demos and following your progress. Also, I sincerely appreciate the invitation to your Discord channel but I never use Discord. Should that change, however, I'll be sure to stop by and say hi.

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Sarainia, you only know your own life, not the lives of others. There are innumerable reasons for people to give up on a project, and while it is sad when it happens, as long as they didn't charge people for it, they do not owe it to anyone to complete it.


  • Game development may not be as high a priority for others as it is for you.
  • Not all games are about "beating" them. This game, for instance, is clearly intended to be a relaxing sandbox town builder. It is done when the player is done with it, not at some point decided by the developer.
  • Some games allow for experiencing all of what they have to offer quickly, but that doesn't lessen their value. Games don't need to be long to be good. Similarly, games are not necessarily made better by extending their length.
  • Had you bothered to look in the comments that preceded your original comment, you would see that, when asked if there were plans to extend this game, they stated their plans to create a similar game with more content. Extending this game was already something they explained would not be happening.

Frostwalk Studio, completely disregard Sarainia's post. You have created a fine, enjoyable little game and I look forward to seeing its sequel (or any other future project) should you create one.

Edit: Since Sarainia took the liberty of editing her comment to hide her shame, I have taken the liberty of posting her comment as it originally appeared.

Thank you for your answers, and more than that thank you for the apology, which is accepted. And I apologize if I returned any attitude. It is a pleasant surprise when there is kindness on the internet, so I sincerely appreciate it. I'll give the scatter turrets another go with a greater focus on numbers. Regarding the water containers I get the idea but it's unclear to me if it helps since I can't tell if the things that are attached to it have priority over the tank itself filling up.

I will address your criticisms on my post.

  1. I am fine with a hard game. I never said I wasn't. Please explain where you reached that conclusion.
  2. All right, how do I use the turrets "correctly" to ensure they have ample time to shoot at air units before they pass overhead?
  3. I understand it being difficult to make, but the sheer amount of cultivators for a single press is immense. How many cultivators is it, even, to achieve the press' maximum output rate? It's just a hassle getting them all set up especially when you have to keep adding another additional cultivator after another to try to reach its maximum output rate.
  4. I don't think I understand what you mean here. What I interpret is that you suggest taking the harvested "lower tier" materials to an easy level to convert them into "higher tier"? Like shipping off to a lower-level with Titanium to make Plastanium on an easy level? If we go through the trouble to grind resources in previous maps, why shouldn't we be able to utilize them in future maps until beating Wave 40 on it? At the very least those resources that cannot be acquired on the map in question until late in the tech tree would be nice to be able to bring along from the get-go.
  5. The sass here is uncalled for. How many scatters do you need to get a good AA defense? When I tried them out I had several which did next to nothing, rarely hitting and doing little damage when they did. When the big bad boss showed up on the final level they didn't so much as dent him. What ammo do you use? How do you set them up "correctly?" Oh and yes I do know about the Ripple and Hail. I know they're ground turrets. I know they're separate for a reason. And I know that there's a reason that they're long range. That has no relevance to my post and served only as a personal attack.
  6. Once again I do not understand what you mean and would like to request clarification. Force me out of which zone? My complaint is that instead of repairing a wall as it's damaged it's easier (and often cheaper due to less valuable resources being used) to just tear it down and rebuild it or wait until it blows up and rebuild it then. 3.5's repair turrets were far more useful than the mend projector unless you constantly feed it phase fabric, and even then it's such a power hog that the infrequency of its repair makes keeping it on more trouble than it's worth.

And you conclude with another unnecessary personal attack. I do actually play the game and I do think strategically about it. I never complained about being bad at it and I do put effort in. In your post you expressed no desire to "share [your] findings" as much as a desire to act superior. Maybe you are better than me, that's fine. But explain how I am wrong and how I go about improving instead of disparaging me.

Finally, I do have a few questions since they are things I've been fuzzy on and would like clarified. I truly am interested in what you can teach.

The main topic involves the best ways to make force projectors resistant to shutting down. Specifically

  • when the power drops and jumps back up immediately is that cause for concern in that it could lead to power failure despite having adequate power and backup attached to it?
  • when cooling them, is it better to slap a fluid tank flush on one (or more) side(s) or is it better to have conduits leading from the tank?
  • when cooling them, how many conduit inputs should I attempt to hook up?
  • does overlapping force projectors' areas affect their strength?
  • as well as any other advice regarding the topic at hand.

Tangentially related are the following two questions

  • are fluid tanks beneficial or do they just increase the maximum capacity of the connected system resulting in less water/cryofluid for the things that actually utilize it?
  • what is the rate of transfer for the conduits?
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In regard to the most recent beta versions, I will start by saying thank you for returning grass as well as water animations. Also the efficiency text for the thermal generators and certain other buildings are sweet, they should be implemented for all drills and all pumps as well.

Now for my issues:

  • The research tree is still poorly ordered. Things that immediately come to mind are:
    • Requiring something that has more advanced materials as an unlock requirement to unlock later branches that do not need as advanced materials makes zero sense. (Looking at you, mech tree).
    • Placing the launch pad so far back in the tech tree really bites. I had minimal desire to play the recent builds until I unlocked the launch pad in the Beta 64 build. The launch pad removed the limitation on how many resources you could collect, lessened the impact of losing (at least you got something out of it), and allowed for researching upgrades with newly acquired materials without needing to relaunch. Without it I would have given up long ago.
    • Thorium is required for a lot of the late-game things. Only one map has Thorium (the final map) which makes its usefulness (and all research related to it) incredibly useless. But the best part is that in order to unlock the final map you need to research the Airblast Drill, which you need Thorium to research. So the only way you can get to the last map to get Thorium is to repeatedly launch on the penultimate map, deconstruct the vault on that level, and use the Thorium you get from that to research the drill. (Unless this was a bug because it carried over my save from the last version - which I REALLY hope it is.)
    • You can't repair structures reliably for way too long. The mend projector takes long enough to research, then you need to be able to build it and power it for a laughable repair area that repairs very little over a very long time. The mend projector is useless but all you have until you can get enough (I think it was Plastanium?) to unlock the Delta Mech which THEN lets you unlock the Tau mech to repair things yourself OR you can get drones to repair things all over the map when they need to be repaired instead of setting up a Mend Projector temporarily and tearing it down because it costs too much power, covers too little an area, and is too infrequently needed to be set up permanently.
    • On the topic of Plastanium, it's obnoxious to make because of how many cultivators you need to get anywhere near enough oil to make production more than a trickle. Once you finally get the oil extractor it's pretty bearable, though. But the cultivators and presses are also pretty much useless.
  • Scatter turrets are useless. Can't do damage to anything, let alone the bombers that tear everything apart.
  • Needing to spend resources to uncover a new map in addition to the resources you need to spend to unlock the prerequisite research is incredibly stupid and a major waste of resources. As  I said in my last comment, it's just grinding to waste time.
  • Customizing loadouts is great and should not require you get to Wave 40 on each map in order to be able to do utilize that feature.
  • You cannot remove a resource type from a customized loadout.
  • You cannot increment custom loadouts more than 100 at a time.
  • You always deploy as default mech.
  • No energy-based weapons target air units anymore. Which is especially bad because the Arcs were the only turrets that actually engaged air units immediately after they entered their radius.
  • Air units almost always end up flying over the turrets before the turrets actually rotate to face them, making turret usefulness against air units universally pathetic. This is exacerbated by turrets not immediately reacting to an enemy entering their radius as well as them not returning to a more convenient position to engage incoming threats after defeating the current wave.
  • Tech tree now hides everything beyond what you can currently unlock, makes aiming for distant goals difficult because you don't know what they are.
  • A third tier of regular conveyor and conduit would be nice.
  • Details on conduit throughput are needed.
  • Being able to specify the input and output direction on the conveyor tunnels would be nice so we could use them like tunnels back in 3.5.
  • Inventory merging with containers was swell and I hope to see that return.
  • Default shots are hard to see against snow backgrounds.
  • Still no details on how each ammo affects the stats of the turrets.
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So far I have played two versions (I don't remember the first one I played but it was a few months back). This game seems like it could become something really cool, but it currently isn't there yet. Keep at it and you'll have something great. Hope you like lists, because I sure do.

Some positive aspects worth mentioning:

  • The weapons' 3D models are very nice and detailed, as is the tank's.
  • The gameplay itself is fun.
  • Getting to change units' equipment is nice, allows for more personalization.
  • Getting to camp is interesting, though the towns are close enough that there is never really much need to do so.
  • Interesting maps for the story missions.
  • Cute supporting characters.

Some negative aspects worth mentioning:

  • Currently only two guns: "bolt-action rifle"s and "pistol"s. MG08s are available for manning in some missions but you can't relocate them nor can you take one or acquire your own.
  • Enemies tend to throw their grenade even if they get downed while throwing it (I think at least, though I might be mixing that up with the older version I played).
  • No trading system - if you want a piece of equipment you have to get lucky and find it.
  • Rations are consumed automatically while traveling, making it difficult to keep any on you especially since you only have what you start with (which isn't much) and what you find.
  • Can only dig trenches while camping, cannot rotate trenches (to my knowledge).
  • Cover system is finicky. At times it is unclear what you can and can't shoot over. Characters don't seem to like poking out from around the corner to shoot.
  • Camera controls are lacking, can't freely angle it up/down more. Zoom doesn't actually zoom, but rather brings the camera closer to the ground.
  • Character models could use some improving IMO.

A few quibbles that I would like to list:

  • I'll get this one out of the way. The use of "clip" in weapon descriptions - while the rifle and pistol could use clips to reload, the rounds are still held in a magazine. For the most all-encompassing word I would suggest "capacity."
  • This might just be a design decision but the main character seems excessively massive compared to the supporting characters.
  • The weapons' icons, portrait display, and in-game display not matching.
    • Rifle
      • When Katya has a rifle her portrait seems to show her with a Garand, which is not a bolt-action rifle and holds eight rounds, not five.
      • In-combat the model is a bolt-action rifle. Maybe a Mosin-Nagant.
    • Pistol
      • The icons and portraits seem to all show what looks like an M1911, Browning Hi-Power, or similar.
      • In-combat the model is very clearly a Mauser C96.
      • Worth mentioning is that M1911s, Browning Hi-Powers, and Mauser C96s all have different ammunition capacities.
  • Character sheets do not have a comprehensive stat list, which would be a pleasant convenience.
  • Unclear range and accuracy values on weapons when viewed in the menus.
  • Pistols and rifles do the same amount of damage (IIRC, at least).

And finally, a few things I would personally like to see:

  • More weapons.
  • More equipment.
  • More character interaction and development.
  • Crew-served weapon deployment capabilities (such as bringing our own MG08). Similarly, being able to use the tank in random battles after getting it (I mean we have it with us at that point, seems kind of silly to not utilize it when we're attacked).
  • More units under my command at once.
  • Sandbags, barbed wire, and other player-placeable defenses.

Keep working on the game. Whether my thoughts mean anything to you is irrelevant to the fact that you have a great foundation for a great game. Keep at it, and don't give up. I look forward to this game's future.

This was a wonderful demo that brought me back to my childhood. When I was young I played a lot of Harvest Moon (especially 64), so my mind naturally jumped to that (even if it isn't the most applicable comparison). After playing some of Littlewood's demo I then thought of Dark Cloud, another game from my childhood that I love. I was very happy when I looked at the Influences list and saw Dark Cloud mentioned.

Littlewood's premise is unique (I can't think of any other games that take place after the big bad is defeated with a focus on rebuilding, at least) and the characters are (so far) cool and seem to have a good amount of personality to them. I hope that the final version will provide each character with a lot of dialogue, being able to converse with them all more times per day, and have their dialogue not be tied to the day (aside from special event-specific conversations, of course). I also hope we will be able to visit areas outside of our town. Some wilderness areas would be nice.

I have played through the demo three times so as to play with the town editing. I am eagerly awaiting the game's release. You've gotten my hopes up, please don't let me down.

I enjoyed playing the browser version of 3.5, so I downloaded it. I then played a decent amount of it and eventually tried out version 4 build 63. Overall I enjoyed it more than 3.5. Although being able to force a conveyor line to be uninterrupted by using tunnels is something that I sorely miss. I eventually checked to see that version 4 build 64 had come out, so I downloaded that to give it a look.

Build 64 really felt like a downgrade. Sectors was not perfect but it was way better than the new "zones" system and tech tree. The tech tree is just added grinding for resources to arbitrarily unlock "permission" to build things that already had progression in them by their very nature  through needing to build up the infrastructure to support more advanced materials and greater energy. After getting the arbitrary permission to build the things, you still need to develop the infrastructure in each match to support them. This is not fun, nor does it add anything to the experience aside from the amount of time you have to dump in to get access to everything. Unlocks and tech trees could be interesting but not when it is implemented just to facilitate more grinding.

I then went to the map editor to adjust my custom map to work on this new version, only to see that all grass textures had been removed. Why? What's wrong with wanting a pleasant environment? Build 63 had a lot of variety in scenery and biomes that Build 64 is just lacking.

Finally, while I am not against the new art style (primarily because the turrets always looked like a jagged mess when rotating to face an enemy), some of the visual improvements from Build 63 seem to have been dropped. The water in 63 was quite nice to look at and the waves were enjoyable. It effectively hid the tile-based nature of the maps. In 64, the water looks awful and repeats far too often to convey anything other than a tileset.

I do not understand the reason for the drastic change between Build 63 and Build 64. Especially in the areas that were changed. What was "fixed" was, most often, not an issue. Aside from elevation, which could have been nice but didn't add much and was visually displeasing. The return of terrain walls is a welcome one. More variety of turrets and explanation on how the ammunitions alter performance would also be nice.

One more thing. I would like to suggest something similar to the "Overdrive Projector" in that they alter nearby structures. They differ in that I suggest they be 1x1 in size and only affect the building(s) that they are immediately adjacent to. Probably requires power to function, and each of them has a limited amount of altering ability that, if touching multiple buildings, it would be equally distributed among them. If only touching one, that building would receive its full alteration amount, of course. The ways they alter the buildings' performance could vary: I would personally like turret-related modifications such as rate of fire, maximum range, aiming speed, accuracy, and the like. Damage, projectile velocity, and extra effects such as Area of Effect and Incendiary would be left to ammunition used.