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In the past, the characters were transformed by stealing materials from the "魔化任務"(Maybe it's the Japanese name). Now the author wants to commercialize the work and cannot use other people's materials.

You can make a copy and rename it without destroying the original file.

Change the OGG that resembles the name to the name on the prompt

The salamander seemed to disappear after the Amazon storyline ended, and I couldn't go back to find her, but there were pictures of her complete set of maids in the album. I don't know what I missed

The golden haired fox girl used to be recruited in the smuggler camp after completing the capital plot, but she disappeared after updating the save... It seems that she will have to wait to be added in the future.

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game name-www-save,copy to newvergame-www,ok?


1. When the player encountered the "Nazgul" in the basement of the mansion, I originally threw it from the mansion to the sewer, but now it was thrown to the devil's nursery...

2. After the player completes the Dragon Island mission, if DEBUG jumps to Dragon Island, the plot will be confused and the player will not be able to teleport, making it impossible to continue the game.

3. The character abilities are confusing. I hope to add a program design of "re-learning skills by level". Lost skills can be learned again at the original location to eliminate BUG.

4. Some characters are lost due to players inheriting old save files, and they hope to be designed independently, such as Salamander Maid, Fox Fairy and other tenants.

5. The girl is still hanging on the wall of the demon nursery in the ranch, unable to be rescued.

6. The dragon girl seemed to be lost when taking a bath......

7. Some scenes have set penetration problems, such as pyramids (most of which have been repaired), steampunk sewer bars, etc.

8. It seems that Shanura cannot lay dragon eggs in the dragon nursery...

I did not end it immediately after playing the FEED ending, nor did I kill all the puppets. During the battle, I fired a cake, which resulted in a recurring ending choice. The dragon lost its belly and lay on the ground. When I continued to feed, , the dragon never seems to have enough.

a little bug can`t end? but i like it............

My English is not my native language, so I don’t know much about the plot. However, the early game did get my love as an "arcade game" style. The later "God Fish" led to "breaking the fourth wall in the game" and made the plot more interesting. It's even more terrifying, especially the first person at the end, which is a play within a play

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Sorry for posting here, I don't mean to bring some weird comments to the game on steam etc.

This game seems to be a little twisted, and the third chapter completely turns "cute" into an "unpleasant". At least, "nap" and "teacher" don't make me think that this is a perfect toy that can be accepted by people.

I am a toy lover and collect all kinds of toys, from ZBOT to FNAF. I am also a fan of animatronics. I always feel that there is something "abnormal" about this series. Today I finally discovered the abnormality:

1. What is the purpose of using "gel" to transplant organs into toys? There seems to be no organs in the toys being sold, they are just toys? The show never explains why the toys from 1006 to later ones are made like this. There is no need to do this in order to sell toys. And there aren't enough people being transformed into toys? I hope it can be answered in the future drama.

2. Similarly, why do we have to use modified humans? Isn’t it good to use pure human teachers in some cases? I never understood whether this move was redundant. In "Time," I saw the toy out of control fighting as much as a super soldier. No one resisted or counterattacked. The guards couldn't be so stupid, right? Moreover, such a huge thing has not been reported in the newspaper or investigated? There are some weird logic issues in this connotation, please don't say "the toy company is working with a government agency to hide this incident."

3. I know you won’t answer questions related to 1006. If 1006 is really a “one-armed chaotic skeleton” or a “Chimera”, this idea is too popular and does not look like a toy. I hope the author doesn't abandon the original design "toy" for the sake of "horror". Chapter 3 already has some weird positioning.

4. I was born in the 80s. I think the horror of toys should not be the shape of the toy. It is true that the weird shape is the selling point of horror games, but should we also consider the real horror of toys in the 80s: the moon shoe caused a breakup? Ankles, flamethrower guns, highly toxic toy materials, dangerous glass furnaces, lead alloys and more.

5. I really want to know the company’s work system. Employees are not allowed to talk to children, but they have direct contact with toy humans. Toy humans need to eat and drink normally, their food range, and the distribution and interaction between company personnel and toys. and the security and isolation of the company. If there is a wooden woman in front of me who grins 24 hours a day, a wave of human teeth will leak out when she opens her mouth. And rolling those bloodshot eyes at me like Poppy...OH MY GOD, I'm gonna go crazy. Also, the toy doesn’t seem to be able to heal itself, does it need repair? (like the teacher's face) I want to know how to keep the toy organs functioning without infection and necrosis...

Comments expected:

1. It seems that the map in each chapter of the game will not be reused, right? If the author doesn't mind the trouble, can he create a real flashback toy factory so that players can see clearly the operation of the toy company, medical conditions, and dietary conditions? And other issues. I know this may force players to replay the first three chapters, but it's also a good opportunity to extend the game's longevity...

2. Can the deceleration roulette system be used when switching hands (I know this will reduce the difficulty of the game). My friend is color blind, which causes greater trouble when using gloves... If possible, I hope the back of the gloves can be Add obvious identification.

3. English is not my native language. There are some things I hope to have "playback", such as things on the radio, In Chapter 3, when I was looking at the chicken panel, I was killed by a jump.

4. If human organs are also a kind of toy material, I would like to see some "H. R. G" aesthetics in Chapter 4. This also explains why "not all the bodies of those people were eaten."

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8.4 BUG

Still entering the dungeon, the buildings and map coordinates disappear after the magic tower. After the magic tower comes out, it triggers "Eternal Night",This is very serious! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

After entering the area, you must perform SL or map switching to see the weather changes. For example, you can only see snowy days after coming out of the magic tower.

Demon Dungeon combat will still drop underground, such as behind the throne. One corridor in the Demonic Dungeon even lost its wall!

Monsters are fighting among themselves indiscriminately, and night demons are flying around strangely.

Stamina recovery is too slow.

You can still press ALT to move while masturbating...

What a huge carrot! ! ! !

Still can't have sex with many monsters...

It seems that weapon attack still needs to be adjusted, and "slope combat" is a bit strange.

The second upgrade ability cannot be upgraded to level 2 and level 3 abilities at the end.


Merchant system, selling raw materials and recycled products

Magic medicine, stamina management now makes running the map very difficult

If the base construction design is too troublesome, you can choose to create a separate copy similar to a magic tower and build it as a refuge for the protagonist to avoid losing the base. Players can teleport back and resurrect here at any time, and collect NPC teammates. In this way the goddess also has her own role.

Better bows and arrows, farther fighting areas.

Don't disappear instantly after the enemy leaves the alert area.

It reminds me of the memory from 1992: I was holding GB in a dark house, hiding in the dark quilt,  my parents' thinking that I had fallen asleep. 

Even in the dream, I am still with that They fought against the villains and monsters in some games until they were called up by their parents to go to school...

YES, I love this game~

thank you, This is more obvious examples:

1. The new Devil's Cave is on the new island in the southeast. In the case of fighting Night Stalkers, Bugmen, or Demons on the stairs, these monsters may disappear from the stairs or scenery. Once I found that the disappeared night demon was actually on the roof directly above the hall. It even followed me to the stairway where the demon was, wandering on the ceiling. After coming out of this underground palace, I met Yong Ye.

2. In the wild, I had a "night attack". I looked around for enemies, but found a monster stuck under the floor with its head exposed. The location was approximately near the Viking village.

3. I accidentally jumped on the roof and discovered that I could get rid of the "eternal battle", so I used the stuck perspective method to discover that the goat-headed demon was actually moving underground.

4. In the dungeon, I tried to seduce monsters and women, but after the sex, both parties’ legs got stuck in the ground, and I couldn’t leave. It will even fall into the void and come to the roof... This situation also happens in the house you built.

5. SEX seems to be unable to happen to demons, night demons, dragons and ogres. I don’t know if it’s a BUG or a new system. So I can't test the bugs caused by SEX in every environment.

6. Meteor Dash will occasionally fall into the ground due to obstacles encountered on the way, especially in specific locations.

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I accidentally discovered this game. It is a work with potential. It seems that the author has not updated it for two months.

My native language is not English, so it's difficult for me to express some of my opinions, so I'm sorry.

The game includes exploration, ACT, construction and GAL, but there are still a lot of bugs and strange things.

for example:

I can cause plot errors by talking to invisible NPCs, such as under the left area of the map. On the tenth day, I could talk to my invisible husband causing a plot error.

In the passage before CHEATNPC, I can fall outside the screen and cannot return to the map.

26 Some BUGs encountered

If the player talks to the invisible NPC in advance where the NPC appears, the plot will be confused.

I can't talk to the armory keeper to get a weapon

There seems to be some problems with the task triggering sequence

The mandatory task on the tenth day will fail if you talk in the farm.

some thoughts:

Going out is mainly about collecting materials, which can be used for base construction, agriculture, experiments and equipment upgrades. However, this isn't Metal Gear V, and players can't serve an entire base by themselves...

Base exploration is like reading a novel. Each NPC has its own things and subsequent development in each time period, just like a GAL. I know that all you need is a good script and a good outline.

Planet exploration can reveal the secrets of the planet. I don’t know where the author wants to go. The heroine becomes an eternal fertility goddess or discovers the cause of her own racial crisis. However, the combat system of the game is very monotonous. If you feel it is difficult, you can give up too much. Fight, just explore, because to wild animals, the protagonist's tribe is an invader.

Although childbirth is a gameplay, it can actually lead to more design concepts, such as improving species, changing the father (not an affair, but a surrogate), adding more NPCs, etc.

I know there are some difficulties in drawing in this game, I hope the AI can help you...

I don’t like the color scheme of the protagonist very much, and I hope to add customized skin and hair color designs, as well as change of clothes.

From 18:00 to 20:00 every day, I seem to have nothing to do. I hope I can do something to consume my time, such as bathing, fitness, flirting, games, etc.

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8.4.3 New version BUG and unfinished records:

1. You can still press ALT to act while "masturbating".

2. Some placed "furniture" will collapse and disappear or fall into the ground.

3. In some cases, it will directly enter eternal night.

4. Entering some "dungeons" or to sex,will result in losing all map coordinates and teleport points, and even losing one's own base construction.

5. Press Z to rest,When using "Map" and "Blueprint", the window may freeze completely if an error is made.

6. Sleep will cause the "pregnancy" state to disappear.But the status still exists

7. It still has a very bad ground penetration problem. It will fall into the sea on the map. If it is "raped" in the dungeon, it may fly out of the map and fall into the abyss and be unable to leave on the "floor".

8. If 7 occurs during combat, the player may never be able to get out of the "combat" state and cannot rest.

9. I found new villages, such as those in caves and orc villages, but some have air walls and falling into the void... Actually, there is no need to do so many civilizations.

10. Magic Tower and Demonic Dungeon are BUG-prone areas.

11. When using CHEAT mode, BUG will definitely appear.

12. You still need to be very precise to pick up branches on the ground...There are many stones that I don’t know if I can pick them up.

13. There is a problem with the display of enemy hatred and life.

14. There is a BUG in the night attack, and there is no enemy, resulting in a permanent combat state.

15. The SEX system of some monsters is destroyed

16. Some NPCs have fallen underground or disappeared, such as fishermen. (I haven’t found the goddess or merchant yet). In the same way, I was killed by underground Viking women and archers.

17. Many actions must be locked to damage the enemy... resulting in the inability to hit the enemy, such as hitting the floor with a spear.

Hope for future updates:

1.Clearly Hunger system

2. Planting system

3. Specific NPC heroes, they will not die and can move to the player's home to protect the base. They are the only ones that exist. , players can hire them or use them as studs. Just one hero for each monster species is enough, and some NPCs can help manage the planting.

4. It can carry portals (do you know the blue door in Diablo 2?) and carry repair items.

5. Defense systems such as walls and traps.

6. Female NPCs can even serve as monster ranches.

7. You can choose teammates in 3. Teammates will not die, can be upgraded, and can be reborn at the respawn point.

8. Magic items, such as running speed potion, overdue potion, flying potion, invisibility potion...

9. Non-CHEAT items to change the weather, such as totems?

Recent problems that I hope to fix immediately:

Bugs in Lost map markers, teleport points and my base buildings for some reason

Falling into the ground and into the void

Eternal night and fighting state

Lost Pregnancy and SEX

In addition, I found Many monsters are stuck underground, half-body or completely hidden underground, causing them to follow the player all the time. Although they will be "refreshed" to the ground, some enemies will still be stuck in the "battlefield determination" due to this. , such as demonic "dungeons" where enemies will stand above corridors or fall into abyss.

Enemies who attack at night are also stuck in the underground sea.

Suddenly I thought of a setting: machine guns or submachine guns. They fire very fast. Each magazine only has one live bullet, and the others are dummy bullets. Each person can only take turns to press the trigger once, and a different number of bullets are fired according to the time of pressing. Different firearms have different rates of fire, and the minimum number of bullets fired by one trigger is different. Players must consider the time to press and the time to release.

Since bullets are randomly loaded into the chamber, players can rely on some method, such as the sound in the magazine, to determine how far away the bullet is from them.


Some BUGs are not only in Christmas mode:

When the heroine's weight enters the next stage, it's a game BUG.

When the heroine goes on a trip, the game is BUG.

If an NPC is given repeated "equipment", the game will be BUG.

Wrong results will occur when items such as pumps are used by NPCs.

If the slime is too big, it will take up the entire package and cannot be sold but must be thrown away.

View NPC information and game bugs on the phone in specific modes (such as travel)

Some NPC equipment displays incorrectly in Christmas mode

AYA expansion mode lower abdominal piercing mold

Taking a shower together and changing states will cause character clones, leading to stacking.

Watching TV together, changing states will lead to character cloning, or even the appearance of two heroines with different actions.

BUG in unfinished game:

Some NPCs in Christmas mode have different models, inflated and sculpted figures, and belly sizes.

Massaging the abdominal status cannot fully recall the abdominal size status.

There is still no follow-up from the farmer and the police.

Even in the friendship and LUST states, when the heroine uses a water pipe/shower for an enema, her companions will still leave in shock.

Some of the roommate’s new NPC options “go against common sense”…

Thanks to you the game is getting more and more interesting now.

Suggestions and BUGs:

1. I can "flash" to the bed and sleep on the stairs.

2. When the protagonist’s belly sink exceeds one-third of the screen, the belly will become very deformed. When it exceeds half of the screen, the belly bulges upward incorrectly, without the feeling of falling. And when jumping in this state, the protagonist's legs will penetrate the module. Similarly, the protagonist's belly will penetrate the wall, otherwise the volume judgment will be increased.

3. I think the protagonist's walking level should be advanced because her legs pass through the belly module, adding a special "pregnant woman walking" action. When the protagonist's belly is too big, it will be almost impossible to move. Both running-walking-pregnant woman walking-nearly immobile.

4. In "interactive" situations, a black screen will occur. I think this can be completely ignored... However, a few times, I pressed "F" a few more times and the game remained in a black screen forever, and the game still continued.

5. Overstretching clothes on the belly causes distortion. I think it adds a "undressing limit". If possible, add a belly support belt and walker.


7. The "capacity bar" above the protagonist's head is not very obvious, especially at dusk.

8. I saw a certain basement and a camera, but it didn’t seem to be the protagonist’s home. Is there any secret here?

9. Add some shortcut keys, such as hiding UI, excreting, displaying time (in the game), and restoring the rescue position when stuck in a BUG.

10. The heroine can’t jump anywhere now…

11. There are many strange places in the scene, such as the wooden frame next to the neighbor's house, the lack of sidewalks, the air walls of the wooden shed, the strange brick walls, the unlimited supply of drinking fountains...

I am a game producer. Although I am not a 3D artist, I have experienced several games as a planner. Therefore, when I see players making games, I always give feedback that is like an "occupational disease."

I don't know what your 3D level is, so I made this for your reference.

Updates for playing on STEAM, but to prevent negative effects, I still want to post them here. Thanks to the author for constantly updating the game, adding a propulsion system, new weapons, new parts, and new BOSS, as well as adding storylines.

1. The melee weapon setting in the game is currently very useless. There is only a chainsaw in the front. I hope there is an "edge-blade" side weapon to create a "horse battle" attack method for the enemy. This weapon can be extended for a short period of time, causing large damage and then rebounding. Maybe, what do you think about extendable drills and chainsaws?

2. I think it would be fun to spray the enemy with a flamethrower or acid jet installed on the side of the car and then watch the enemy die slowly. Perhaps electromagnetic weapons can be added to confuse the opponent's controllers and weapon systems, such as reversing operations.

3. I hope to add a chip system, equipment system, whatever you want to call it. The vehicle can be equipped with some chips to adjust its performance, such as increasing weapon stability, vehicle body stability, increasing propulsion time, and even getting immunity to acid, fire and electromagnetic, or slow life recovery and increased defense. Of course, this may also bring To subtract and multiply.

4. I haven't gotten the weapons such as mines yet, I don't know if you added it. But now it seems that it is a little difficult for mines to hit the opponent... Maybe induced mines will be better.

5. I want to be able to create "support vehicles", which are 1VSALL every time. Players can DIY their own support vehicles, and they can be resurrected in the next level after being killed. Several AI commands can be added to them to allow players to help them in battle. As you know, some "car bodies" and "weapons" will be discarded by players in the later stage. These car bodies can be used to DIY their own support vehicles.

6. PVP and PVE online, YESsssssssssssss! I've been waiting for this, hoping for Brawl Arena.

6. I want more original BOSS, such as a super heavy helicopter, a huge wasteland tank that can crush your steamroller, a land cruiser, a slow fearless fortress, or even some kind of terrifying alien machine or evil god ( All we need is to destroy them anyway.) These monsters don't even need to appear in the main plot. I like to attack monsters that are far larger than us.

7. I found that although the weapons are better, the previous secondary weapons were abandoned. Can a weapon synthesis or equipment synthesis setting be added? Keep weapons upgraded or improved to avoid hoarding. As for the body, please see item 5.

8. I don’t know what else I want to say... All I can do is recommend the game to friends from STEAM and other aspects.

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Some suggestions and ideas

1. The chef setting occasionally leads to getting lost, it would be better if the filled cake is changed to instant.The ammo refilling effect can be similar to that of a shotgun, replenishing one round at a time.

2. The role of the chef can be used to make giant food to feed to the dragon, but players will lose their combat ability if they carry giant food. If the player takes damage, the food will be lost.

3. The final surface of the dragon looks much bigger than in the game. Perhaps a difficulty mode can be added to get a dragon with a bigger belly. At the same time, the more the dragon eats, the slower it moves. In order to increase the special effect, you can increase the state of the dragon's abdominal armor being stretched.

4. Free mode, players can feed the dragon and adjust the size and movement of the dragon at will.

5. The thieves are too annoying and the puppets are too monotonous.

6. Add an upgrade option, allowing players to gain greater attack power, longer attack distance and faster attack speed. Firearms are upgraded to straight-line shooting, larger magazines, and bigger cakes.

7. I have no idea about FUCK dragons...I prefer to expand them.

8. If I need, I can bounce on the dragon to hoard puppets, avoid wolves and thieves and then kill them collectively in exchange for a lot of food to feed the dragon. This feels like a boring tactic.

About game building upgrades and levels

The difficulty of the game is not exaggerated, but it seems rather boring. Especially the addition of thieves makes the balance problematic.

I personally recommend designing several dragons in the game. Each dragon has different skills and minions. The enemies encountered in each level theme will also be different, and the corresponding strategies will also change. The dragon's picture program only needs to change the skin and skills, so it shouldn't be too much work. I can also do pixel art, so I can spare some time to help if needed.

For example:

The default dragon only has a single puppet and wolf, etc., which seems simpler now.

The Necromancer Dragon can summon skeletons and ghosts flying in the sky around it to interfere with the protagonist's feeding.

The warrior dragon has the ability to harass thieves and others and knows how to defend against the feeding of the protagonist.

The mage dragon has a protective shield and can only be fed when casting spells.

The Chaos Dragon has powerful range distortion power and an unstable force field. When players feed it, it will not move in a normal parabola.

New ideas:

Mom's Knife: One hit will kill the enemy in the designated square,CAN`T KILL BOSS!

Martyr: All turrets have temporarily received increased firepower.

Monster Manual: Summon a random monster at a designated location to help you fight.

Attraction: Pull enemies in the upper and lower rows into the same row.

Mask of Shame: Summons an invincible mask at a designated location, which will disappear after a short stay.

Workbook with tampered names: Randomly converts enemies in the scene into elite enemies, dropping pills and money.

Graduation photo: Summon a row of ghost babies from the right to attack and disappear after a while.

Vicious loophole: Convert all deployed turrets on the field (including ?? and I`M ERORR) to random turrets.

Leather Picker: Summons several poops at random.

Sacrificial Dagger: Use on a turret and it will become a worm and dash forward.


I`M ERROR: An "I`M ERROR" that cannot be killed, sacrificed, or transferred away by the player will appear randomly on the map. He will occupy this block and cannot be used, but enemies can move past him.


Rotten Tomato: Throws a liquid and pollutes the ground. The liquid will not cause direct damage to the enemy, but any enemy who steps on the green liquid will be damaged. It is very suitable for AOE and against Skull Cap.

Healing Baby: Healing Baby will heal the surrounding turrets in a 3X3 grid. It is expensive, but worth it.

Fire and Brimstone: Fires slowly, but is powerful and can penetrate all expensive babies in front of it. YES! He is too expensive!

Beggar Baby: Automatically help you recover gold coins on the map, but he will keep a few for himself.

Sworn Guardian: He will place a protective shield on random turrets around him every once in a while, or it may be himself...

Epic Dr. Fetus: Corn Cannon...yeah!

Bob: Throws a bomb head forward, but the rate of fire is very slow and there is a shooting distance. If there are pellets to enhance the firepower, the bomb will become an incendiary bomb.

Parasite: When a bullet passes through it, it will split the shell into two and send it to the upper and lower channels. But the channel it was in had no firepower.

Rotten Babies: Will automatically spawn flies to hit enemies, much faster than eggs. Although flies have little health, they effectively make up for it with numbers and have special restraint on whales.

Incubus: It will fire bullets from four adjacent turrets around it at the same time. If it is not adjacent to an attackable turret (including shadow, self, parasite, etc.), it will not attack.

Shopkeeper: Will not attack, but will automatically give you money over time. After strengthening the firepower, he will give you better coins.

Insanity: Gives random buffs to surrounding turrets every few seconds.

I know you probably don't want to copy PVZ, but I still have some ideas based on the old Isaac game ideas.

1. Add a hero baby, which can be your meat boy, Isaac, or the hero in bangbang. This hero baby can only be summoned once per level, but its ability is quite powerful. To balance the game, baby heroes need to be unlocked in specific ways.

Summoning a hero baby will cause the hero to come out of the door on the left, go to the right and fight to save the situation, especially when the player is at a disadvantage.

2. Bad drugs seem useless, and we should have other ways to use these drugs.

3. Treasure: Small dice, which can convert a turret designated by the player into a random turret of the same level. Big dice will randomly convert all the player's turrets into other turrets of the same level.

4. Promotion: Players can spend a lot of money to strengthen their turrets and make them stronger. The normal turret can shoot two tears, the mortar will randomly attack multiple targets at once, the meat block turret will turn into a meat boy to bite others, and the spiked head will be able to heal itself. etc.

5. I hope the vomiter's shape can be redrawn, he looks too much like minions.

6. New enemies

According to what I thought of in the Binding of Isaac:

Ripper: If the player kills him, his headless body will turn into a sprint or jump method to quickly charge the player, but he has very little health.

Knight: An elite who is completely immune to frontal attacks. He is only afraid of penetration, ghosts, ground thorns and melee. It is a very difficult monster in the later stage.

Meatball: He will restore the health of surrounding units by 1 tear level every few seconds. If there are more than one, he will restore it multiple times.

Blood Corpse: After being killed, it will turn into mud and resurrect. After being killed, it can only be killed by thrown weapons, ground stabs, and melee. It will flee after being killed multiple times.

Skeleton: It can only be damaged when it is moving. It cannot be damaged or hit when it is not moving. Will automatically absorb fire from "thrown" weapons, but is afraid of horizontal fire.

Long-Legged Spider: It's fast, immune to ground stings and able to get over any obstacle, but is easily killed by fire. He may be difficult to hit with a thrown weapon.

Mom's Eyes: If not repelled in time, a turret will be killed with a Mom's leg trample.

Roshan: moves slowly and is very durable. He will continuously release as if to attack the player's front line. And will crush any turret that stands in its way.

Round-headed Worm: An enhanced version of the Vomiter. It can only be attacked when it leaks out of the ground. If it is not killed, it will attack the player with bullets behind it and then hide underground. He has less health than a vomiter.

Wailer: If the player kills this monster, it will cry loudly and then die, and the surrounding enemy units will be supported by an acceleration. (The shouting skill of the first BOSS)

Leech: Appears after killing a random "elite" enemy, has little health, but is very fast.

Skeleton Boy: Every time he moves one square, he will throw a bone attack, which is slightly more powerful than ordinary enemies.

Black Goat: A very difficult enemy. It will charge quickly and has relatively strong health. At 25% health, it will enter frenzy mode. If you cannot kill him at this time, he will release brimstone fire to attack a row after a few seconds. All turrets. Each black goat can only release fire and brimstone once per life.


1. It is estimated that the animation has not been completed, so many mating actions cannot be realized. Freezing occurs in rare cases.

2. There are problems with customization, such as the hair of the color palette spider, the male penis and breasts, etc.

3. Fertility needs to be balanced. I gave birth to creatures with no attack characteristics and four identical skills XD. In a small number of cases, the children born were lost due to plot and other reasons.

4. Once the wrong name is entered for the monster born, it cannot be changed.

5. Monsters need to be trained for a long time, and it will be too torture in the later stage.

6. The owl doesn’t want to send me to the city behind.

7. I cannot feed monsters outside of combat.

Some suggestions:

Overdue medicine: It can prevent the birth of monsters and maintain it above the maximum abdomen, but it will cause a negative effect of slowing down and also gain an attack buff.

Experience Book: Let monsters gain part of experience to ensure later growth.

Mission navigation: Add a mission flag to the NPC to let me know where to go.

Added pheromones: allows players to encounter specific monsters, such as pure males, pure females, pregnant women, etc.

Monsters can be restored using medicine outside of combat.

Action guide: I want to know which monsters can have mating animations.

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I have some knowledge of the game engine you use, and have developed small novels. (My job is to produce and plan low-end pixel graphics games) I have helped several authors before, of course, all on a voluntary basis.

Some ideas can actually be achieved by relying on a specific variable, and some can be achieved by using branches. I will try to help you set up a simpler tree diagram for your reference. I hope this will be helpful to your game design.

Please forgive me that my native language is not English, I had to use translation software, I know it is strange, but I still try to help you...

Question: (My native language is not English, so the English translation of the character’s name may not be directly expressive)

Some AI pictures seem to have big bugs, for example, the wings of the ice bird turned into suspended objects when asking questions, black underwear appeared in the thunderbird, the color of the roc appeared in the flame bird, etc.


The ship is a good base. Games such as Heroes of Corruption/Hybrid Power Research Institute/TITS will use a small base to develop the plot or create a small harem paradise. Players can interact with specific NPCs in each room when entering the "guest room".

some specific gameplay

Inflation and fake pregnancy: Players can use some special gameplay to inflate NPCs and maintain inflation.

Overdue Pregnancy: Players can use certain methods to make NPCs sterile.

If the player goes too far with the above two items, the NPC will become too large and refuse some interaction.

Modify the ship: Maybe the ship can go to farther continents, or even fly in the space, and go on adventures in other worlds (looking for ghost dragons)

Destinations: Choose several locations to explore and even return to previous areas.

Interactions with tenant NPCs:

Fight again: There will be different plots if the player loses and wins.

Sex: There will be different ways to play or refuse different ways depending on the pregnancy, the degree of bloat, and whether it goes to extremes.

Chat: Maybe find out about their relationships with other tenants and get some specific subplots.

Sleep: You can choose who to stay with for the night and restart your day.

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It is a great honor to test and play this game. This work is still relatively good, but it lacks some follow-up content. In general, the author has set up a very thoughtful framework, and this game is really worthy of attention.

BUGs and other issues:

You can move after pressing "ALT" while masturbating.

Special camera pressing "0" cannot hide the UI.

Sex in some places will fall into the void, such as dungeons, and some houses.

Excessive wear on Pickaxes and Axes in some locations...

If you refuse birth or carry out a second pregnancy while pregnant, the status will be reset. There may be a big belly but no sign of pregnancy, or a state of giving birth out of thin air without pregnancy.

Goddess disappeared...

The map is misaligned or does not display light parts properly, especially after multiple teleports.

Sleeping casually will cause enemies to spawn bugs and even squeeze you into the void.

The follower is "on rollerblading" and doesn't seem to be able to fight...Somehow, my ogres and night goblins, they suddenly rebelled.So the dragon and they began to fight.

Some items are a little harder to target, such as branches.

Wish teleportation steles were highlighted, especially in the woods.

Greatsword attack judgment and spear overpowering issues.

The female bandit is talking to me and fighting me at the same time...In the same way, if you enter the SEX scene during the conversation, it will also cause the screen to darken.

The key was made but the cage could not be opened, and the monster in the cage did not interact with the dragon.

Part of the terrain is stuck or a pillar is stuck in the house.


Add a regression ability to prevent BUG.

Sexual actions are optional, and some actions may not be available due to stomach problems.

According to the species of the fetus, "ability" and "enhancement" are obtained, so that rejecting birth will also become a game method. If the player wants to maintain these powers, the pregnancy must be maintained.

Multiple pregnancies and special pregnancies also add penalties, such as reduced speed or even being unable to run. With great power comes great price.

Repair cost reduced, or increased iron ore veins

More monsters and more NPCs are needed, supplemented to interact with dragons, caged monsters and goddesses.

Let NPC help players collect some materials, but I don't want to pick up branches anymore.

Let NPCs interact with monsters, and even control their pregnancy and birth.

I need some healing medicine...

If minions can fight, it should also be possible to heal and revive them.

If the empty houses in the village are useless, delete them. Since you can build them yourself, you don't need these houses.

A little thought:

If the game is normal, there should not be so many items, but players need at least a stone ax or a stone pickaxe for basic exploration.

But there were werewolves around the village in the early days, and it was dangerous to pick up branches...

Moreover, stones could not be mined in the early stage, and very few were picked up.

Therefore, the goddess can be used as the basis for maintaining the minimum game in the early stage.

Although the game has a construction system, I don't know why it is built, because the base and the game are not linked at all. There are no monsters attacking the village and no NPCs for you to keep. The key... This island doesn't even have a freshwater lake! ! ! ! OMG! author! There is no fresh water!

Although the game has carrots and other plants, it does not need to be planted...

Let the wild boar die once while picking carrots...

The buck was so brave...that he challenged me.

I made a lot of spears and leveled them up as I stabbed them, and eventually I got to level 15 because there was no iron ore repair.

All my points were invested in "stamina", and the extra points were purchased to upgrade learning backpacks and double jumps, but I found that the dragon had no interaction at all.

I ended up getting 10 werewolf "souvenirs" to make a werewolf minion and he wouldn't fight for me...

Oh... I used the spear all the way to level 36, I am now in the dungeon... No one can stop my spear...

I only seem to find two buttons, and stroking the belly... don't know if there is some secret.

Belly clothing treatments may need repainting, such as taut buttons and stretched textures.

The stretching of the clothes seems distorted...

I can't seem to find any secrets.

i'm curious about the origin and backstory of the space station, as well as its construction. Perhaps it would be possible to have the heroine take a walk on the space station while pregnant.

Also, are there any other human NPCs out there?

Can you add a "play" mode after the game is won, just simply play the animation stage on the left.

Dear author, I don't know whether your native language is English or Japanese, because I don't know both, and I can only express my meaning with a far-fetched translation.

I have been playing since the original version, and I have always been very interested in this strange game, because it contains several types of "expansion".

However, I still have some opinions on some settings of the game:

1. The school uniform fabric in the game is too stretchy, even a bit magical. In my opinion, instead of simply letting the fabric expand the coverage, the new school uniform should be designed to ensure that it fits the female character's body. Necessary nudity should also be present...

2. Some "extensions" in the game simply change the volume of the sphere on the picture. I know a friend who is pregnant with multiple births. It is impossible to stand upright with a huge belly. Women's breasts are not balloons, they will naturally become a "water bag" shape.

3. I really like some of the stories in the plot, but the role of "Pregnant" is very "different", because other people can be "friends and confidants", but she can only be "family"

4. Can you open a harem?

Such as UNBIRTH and dystocia, HYPER PREGNANT is even bigger.

Dystocia can be skipped with medication, or resolved with a walk.

It is best to have other lying positions or a side view.

Some self-appreciation and poses to the mirror.

It's not just a production line like an assembly line. Fetal movement, a walk, or even a date? There may be easter eggs stuck on the door.

The uterus expands to the maximum (MOD is not turned on), and the slime still grows, exceeding the maximum volume.

BUG: Slime will grow outside the womb...

Ore can be found in volcanoes

Tentacles can be found in the Devil's Beach Tentacle Shrine

If you want to be lazy, evil items can be purchased from the black market cultist merchant in the capital's slum sewers.

As I mentioned, there is also one-click packing of backpacks. Clean out the fridge and more. When the author returns when he is free, I will continue to sponsor and pay attention.

400 can`t run 362 save,YOU MUST NEW+ GAME!

Thanks, I tested

1. There is indeed no maximum value, but it will "decrease", and it will become negligible after a certain size.

2. The camera system can really help lock items.

3. There is indeed no method of "inheritance of the subject of investigation", you can only look at your own.

4. There are a lot of unreasonable problems in the game, stuck pillars, vacant terrain and setting problems. I don’t know if the author will update it.

The supermarket's ingredient system is still buggy, and the cooking system isn't performing properly.

I would like to add an option to buy in bulk. my poor mouse...

Occasionally, you may accidentally touch the "Takeaway" option or double-click the button to make an error.

Small comments:

1. It is recommended to add a department store to buy some equipment to improve the gameplay, such as optional air pumps, automatic air pumps, and water pumps.

2. It feels relatively sluggish when NPCs are tied to a map, but in fact, more scenes can be done. I know that the time system may be difficult for you to design. You can only set four stages: early, noon, late and midnight.

3. It will be better if the part-time job system is tied to girls, and it will become boring to get money from simple games. The place where the girl is located can correspond to the corresponding job best.

4. Some appointments and behaviors can be repeated and become optional items. Girls are inflated, full, empty, and over-inflated. The plot is different in the state.

5. I do not recommend copying, but you can learn some settings of "Belly Life".

6. Food now has special actions except for Coke + Mentos, other foods only exist in numerical values, and different combinations may increase additional effects.

7. Each girl cannot continue to feed on the day after she is full. However, after expansion, it is optional whether to release, dating and actions will be different in different states.