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I really like the concept, but the game should be more forgiving (especially since it's a jam game). There's some other details I'd change about the UI to make it more easily readable but those are minor things. Overall, solid game.

Thanks, the notes spread to mimic the perspective of the bridge they are on. Could you be more specific as to what about it you didn't like? Did you find it confusing or ugly or did it seem like it was unintended, or something else?

Thanks, if we had had more time it definitely would have gone to selecting more tracks, but no one on the team is particularly well versed with classical pieces so the process took longer than it should have. Do you have any suggestions for a track you'd like to see?

I really liked it, I'd have to play a bit more because I'm fairly certain chaos completely has the upper hand. Other than that it's a good concept and the game seems very polished (volume sliders, good music and sound effects).

Nice entry, I didn't finish it, but I think you achieved the atmosphere you were going for, the music was great for the feeling it was trying to evoke, and the background being just void with eyes was unsettling.

Really cool game, needs a bit of work on the quality of life part (cheat sheet, better feedback) but the flavour is nice, the art is crisp and the combat is juicy (that's it, I'm out of food puns). 

I liked the look you were going for, with the bright outlines and all, I feel like you still needed a bit more time (pun intended) to polish it a bit, maybe decide better what gets an outline (it makes it difficult to distinguish background from interactible platforms for example). Other than that, congrats, it's pretty good.

I really liked the how well suported the main mechanic is: the overlay, the slider on the bottom. The level design is also pretty good in idea, in particular the part with the TNT is super creative. That being said I found the game a bit too frustrating, and the time portal is very unforgiving (throwing you out when riding and object that is rising or if the platform you're standing on disappears for even the smallest amount of time. Also, if you have time, my game's mechanic is pretty much identical to yours.

Really nice game, cool mechanics, and level design that ties the whole thing together.

Thanks, I agree that there should be some more instructions, but there was no time to design something that would teach you and look like it fit. The rewind mechanic very simply allows you to rewind an enemy and it's bullets, but that's perhaps not made all that clear due to the number of them present at any time.

In the level with the two buttons perhaps there's a third hidden button. Lira was the name in the development cycle which we tried to change along with anything containing that name as best we could. I agree the movement makes some jumps hard but due to time constraints it was the best we managed.