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Hey thank you! Glad you enjoyed the update. The little whale should be growing into a medium size whale soon, when I get more time to work on this 😄

Hey thanks again man! Much appreciated as always.

Hey thanks for checking it out! 😄 Kind of exciting to have someone share my work on youtube haha.

Glad you enjoyed it! I am still at work on the next update, life has just been conspiring to delay everything. It might be done in a few months.

This is a very motivating comment, thank you 😄

The first game was really memorable, I'm very excited to play the sequel!

Crazy to think I played this almost 20 years ago and still remember all of it so clearly. This was really inspired work. Very happy to see it remastered and I hope it finds lots of new players.

The AI generated imagery is strikingly interesting and perfect for a dream world. Really cool VN, I'd love to see more.

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I would take these to be synonymous but I just noticed that separates them into different genres. Sorry if this is answered already elsewhere.

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Thank you! Life science has always been a well of inspiration for my work too. I really enjoyed the experiments you have going on your page. 

It’s one of the ideals of sci-fi to spark imagination or thought about the real thing. I make up a lot of silly stuff for Scrimshaw but it’d be flattering if readers take that away from it.

Hey thanks man! Scrimshaw has been a labor of love for a long time now so it really means a lot that there are readers it resonates with.

I’ll definitely keep your offer in mind regarding sound. It may be a few more updates before I know what help I need on that front. I need to be a little less overloaded with other things first. But if you have a reel or something email it my way.

Excellent historical fiction.

This is really fun to tinker with, great work!

Really cool style you've got going. The backgrounds have a strong Eyvind Earle vibe which is perfect for the fantasy setting.

You've absolutely nailed the uncanny vibe of early CG renders. It's spot on. Great game so far man.

Man good work on this all around. Very cool how it keeps a lot of details about frontier life grounded near reality without shying away from cool fantasy elements. It's the right balance of danger and adventure. Looking forward to the full release.

Really charming premise and art, nice work.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it, appreciate the support. I have enough free time right now to really grind out some work so next chapter should be up early September. 

This was great. Just the perfect simple set-up and well written.

That was really great.

2 spooky.

Thanks man! Yeah it's a more elaborate production than my books used to be but similar idea.

Ah thanks. I was wondering the same thing as OP.

I'm making a pseudo-David Attenborough type show with fake animals. It's a linear visual novel, and the first chapter is online now. It's not a long read but there's a density of art. Check it out if you enjoy science stuff!