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Joseph Marcus

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  • The dialogue definitely seemed to allude to the fact that the owners abandoned Cooper, causing it to starve, and turn into the ghost pupper. However, a few more hints would be nice, to add to this.
  • I do get a little bit of the sense that this atmosphere is meant to be creepy, but making the environment a little bit darker, perhaps, might help.
  • I did find it fun to read the notes left throughout the environment, and get a sense of where exactly I was and what my role was, yes.
  • I think it's a bit unclear who exactly we are, as the player, in this story.
  • For the sake of this class, I think there is probably enough to explore, yes. But I would really like to see maybe a couple more rooms to add to the story, if possible.
  • I think whether or not the hints are too obvious depends on exactly how old this child is, but I do think there is a certain age range of young children that these hints would be appropriate for. But either way, I don't think the hints being obvious takes away from the fun experience too much.
  • I do think the choice of music was very clever and appropriate, yes. It definitely reflected the mood that I was meant to feel.
  • I think the blue tones do reflect an underwater environment, yes. And I do see a few visual references to the underwater environment in the background, so that helps too.
  • I loved seeing Blobert in a variety if different outfits, yes. Very satisfying.
  • The customers' art style, their dialogue, and reactions to my choices were very entertaining, yes. It was cute and satisfying to see them so overjoyed when I chose correctly.
  • My first thought upon spawning into the game was "this is really cute." I really enjoy the low-poly style and bright colors, in both the player model and the environment.
  • The style is very cohesive, yes. Really sets the fun, magical tone of this game.
  • The only thing that was a bit jarring about the scale was the size of that one wooden door. It seemed pretty huge, in comparison to the witch, and I wasn't sure whether or not that was intentional. Other than that, everything else seems fairly to scale.
  • It felt pretty satisfying to walk around the environment, and explore. I especially enjoyed the walk cycle animation.
  • I smiled when I saw how cute the game looked, but then I realized I had some work to do if I want my 3D game to look this nice, so that smile quickly dissipated. Good game, though. 10/10.
  • Yes, aside from the bug with that one door, the game is very easy to navigate, and understand what the goal is.
  • Yes, the visuals made it very easy to identify the role of key cards in this game.
  • Yes, the symbols were very clear, and stood out well against the rest of the environment.
  • Yes, I did enter the doors out of order, but seeing that they're next to each other in sequence, I can see how others might not. So, maybe consider spreading them out, somehow, in a fashion that would encourage less linear exploration.
  • I only played once, but found myself re-entering the same doors, repeatedly.

Joseph Marcus' Alpha Feedback:

  • Solid level layout.
  • Good "object pushing" mechanic.
  • I would continue importing art assets and possibly further develop the player-environment interaction.

Joseph Marcus' Alpha Feedback:

  • Love the art style. Really looking forward to seeing the player sprite's movement animations.
  • Solid flying mechanic.
  • Next step I would take is creating the general layout of the first level, to give the player an idea of what to expect in the final version.

Joseph Marcus' Alpha Feedback:

  • Excellent functionality.
  • Solid story-telling.
  • A lot of fun personality.
  • Only advice would to be to try and have as much variety and unique scenarios, between customers, as possible.

Joseph Marcus' Alpha Feedback:

  • Intuitive controls.
  • Solid physics functionality.
  • Good shooting mechanic, but would work on developing better aiming ability.
  • Next step should be applying the current mechanics to a more complex environment, similar to the layout of one of your potential levels, and building from there.

Joseph Marcus' Alpha Feedback:

  • Liking the cool low-poly modeling style, so far.
  • Would recommend getting at least one core game mechanic down, so the player has an idea of what the objective of the game is.

Challenging and fun survival-platformer, with a cool aesthetic. Well done.

Very fun and unique concept for a puzzle game. Impressive for being made within 48 hours, as well. Great job.

Creative puzzles and a creative aesthetic for such a low-poly game. Well done.