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Same as title. I am stuck and do not know what to do.

Looking good! Your even farther than I am! I keep fighting myself over character design :/

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This is what I have so far. Its mostly just a tile map and a few weapons but hey we still got a while. Lets see what everyone else has.

Post your progress here!

ok thanks

Speaking of what is the website the bleeding edge builds are on?

The prebuilt bots are getting replaced soon with bots from the builder, so those bots are outdated and will be removed later on

having a issue with paint, it wont apply unless i go back to a different tab and after that it wont remove 

I hope I can re learn game making since its been a while!

I would adjust damage settings below 100% 


Its really really hard to place on 3in brushless motors

More ideas because I can only think of this game

  • Banana for scale

Also When will you(if ever) start on a brush less motor, so far all of the motors look like a brushed motor

Damage doesn't seem to to be working right now :( Can't even kill a 1lb ant

Personal issues are getting in the way, wont be able to finish this jam sadly

So far I have a follow enemy that locks on to your position as well as basic shooting for my charater


Oh wait im dumb nevermind!

Its my seconed game jam so all I can say is INCLUDE THE .DLL FILE

im very stupid

It says its a 3 day jam ending Sunday Is it currently Friday where this event takes place? For me it is thursday 5:15pm


Ive reuploaded it but not in the game jam

well crap

I forgot the dll!

This is my first game jam and Game!