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This game is incredible. I had so much fun

This is a really cool concept! Great work

ill be back every day for my egg

I tried it on pc and I was able to grab the key just fine, I'm really sorry about that. Are you still having the same issue?

it’s been 2 years, but I hope you and your wife are doing well, Hatosan :) 

Thanks so much for your support & for reaching out. So sorry about that. I tested on the Mac version just now and couldn’t recreate the error, but I’m going to test on a Windows machine when I have access to one a little later today. The key will most definitely be spacebar with no other button combos needed. I will follow up with you soon!

I was totally content just throwing corn at the duck for hours on end. (That is until I realized that there was even more content!!) Thank you for such a wonderful experience

This game is honestly so cool!! Great idea, and you all did a great job.  The first room with 2 guards was too difficult for me to figure out at the moment, but I will definitely come back to this and try again sometime

Hi! I apologize, I’ll have a pc build up shortly!

Me and my friends meet up play this every Sunday night after dinner. Would love to see Particle Pushers 2!

This looks great! Are you planning on making a Mac build in the future?

This game brings me back to my childhood! Its Snake, Tron, and Slither all wrapped up into one game! What more could you ask for? Excellent job! I've played against everyone in my family already and I can't wait to challenge my friends