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Thank you for the kind words!

Hi Jupiter. Thanks for the video! I remember you from Gamejolt years back, but I struggled to find your channel again. Good hearing from you again.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I realized I made a booboo there at the end. The best strategy is to heal up on hour 1 as John Slick kinda just sneaks up on you. 

Whoop! Glad it had the intended effect. I'll shorten the game in the future since the combat system is too simple for such a lengthy experience. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! These comments make me incredibly happy

After submitting I gave it to my brother to test and I realized the game is a bit lengthy for how simple it is, so I don't think many people saw the true ending when you defeat John Slick. Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you Merlin!

Thank you for the feedback! Exciting to see the suspense was effective 

Thank you for the kind words, and your feedback has been noted! Might chase the idea for a mobile game :)

Ah I see! Very creative! 

Gameplay is pretty decent, though I'm confused how the coin collecting works since the coins don't disappear when I collect them. It's fun swimming around in all the loot though!

There's no executable :(

Awesome. Let me know once you've updated it. I'd love to come back and play it again

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you good sir!

Ah I see! Clever lol

Cheese granted!

This one has me confused..

This is a really cool idea! I think this would make a fantastic puzzle game. 

This one melted my brain lol

Damn this is elaborate for a 48 hour game jam!

Reminds me of those water toys where you had to blast the rings onto the spikes. I love the feel of this game

Not sure how this ties in with bounty?

Loved the Monty Python reference. GG

Duck Hunt on steroids and in traffic lol

Good choice of soundtrack. I turned it so loud my neighbors knocked at my door to come dance with me

Not sure what the bombs are for as they don't seem to do anything, but the battle system is kinda cool.

Kinda like hot potato except you want the potato. I love it!

The voice acting makes the game worth it

Windows build doesn't work :(

I like the control scheme!

Gives me an old school arena shooter vibe. GJ

Pretty clean. It's hard to get all the treasures though on the large map

That UI looks amazing! Gotta blast!

Pretty clean.  Mechanics are self explanatory and the game communicates well what it is. Good job!


Makes me think of this game called Buccaneer, A Pursuit Of Infamy. Once of my old time faves!