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A lot of nice details. I like it.

Fun game packed with a lot of details! :D

Thanks for playing. :D

what keys did you use? :D

Thanks for playing. :D
17 is nice. It took me a few rounds to get so far. 

The stray candy made it really hard to survive. Great sound effects. :D

Nice game and difficult opponents, was fun to play. :)

A very good looking game and also very tricky to get the chocolate coffin to stand again. Was fun to play. :D

Very nice game. :D 
Castle Wolfenstein from a chocolate nightmare and an evil looking chocolate bunny.
Was fun to play. :)

Nice game and nice drawing. Like Sonic, you get the urgent feeling of mastering the level.  :D

Nice game. The chase and the dark music fit well together. Now I like chocolate even less. :D

Thanks for playing it. :)
You made it to 15, cool. 

nice :D
I would say 19 is the best so far. I should have introduced something like a time bonus, depending on how much chocolate you have eaten.

Maybe it's a good idea to get a little extra time for each chocolate bar eaten.

nice, that was my max so far. :D

Me neither. :D
My best result was 18 candy bars in 120 seconds.

Great game! Fun to play with two people.

Hi, I can do that.
It will just take a few days because I'm releasing a new game right now. 

Thanks :D

hehehe. I though everyone is playing it without sound. :D

The V and B sound is provided by Ed. :)

Have fun playing this small game. Don't forget to click the screen one more time when you go to full screen.

Thanks for playing. My best time was also 23 seconds.

What is happening??? :D
Let's do it again!

Thanks for playing. The control was like your suggestion before. I changed it afterwards to have it more Doom like but I guess most people would prefer your suggestion.  I could add a Config to change the control to the preference of the player. 

I'm happy that you like it. :D

Hey, I used your music in my game jam game here:

It is very cool and fits good. :) 
Thank you for this great music!