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A great little game, hope we will see more of you soon :)

One question though: I am unsure whether I got the bonus ending or not - is the bonus the small bit about Mya praying for her two friends who sacrificed themselves for her?

EDIT: Nevermind, I did a quick zero-prays run and that was indeed the bonus ending. It just seemed like such a natural progression of the scene that I wasn't sure whether it's an addendum or not.

Also saw your new project "Fallen Feather" - looking forward to it!

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Doesn't seem like it. I am using BitDefender and I get notifications if the blocks something and haven't been getting any.

Also, out of curiousity I have copied msvcp140.dll from my Windows system folder into the game folder and now I am getting a different kind of error ( namely 0xc000007b ). Don't know if that helps, but I wanted to keep you posted.

EDIT: Hey again, I have good news! I was able to solve the problem and am running the game now : )

Had to copy msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll into the game folder and now it runs fine - though I had to use the 32-bit versions (I am running Win 10 64bit). Maybe you compiled the demo on a 32bit system and that's why it won't run without a workaround?

Would love to give this game a try, but I can't even get the demo to work, neither here nor on Steam.

Itch version gives an error concerning msvcp140.dll and I tried various solutions, but none have worked so far.

Steam version immeadiately shuts down after startup, no error message, nothing.

I like the premise of the game and was intrigued enough by the mystery of the vanishing colonies to do a few runs, but so far haven't found more than three ruins before the game ends.

A couple of issues I'd like to point out:

  • Map generation is too random - the exploration maps often generate with entire sections containing ressources unreachable by the player. Also, you sometime spawn right on top of a monster.
  • Ressources too random - There's no way to tell what ressources a tile will contain and it's easy to get tons of some ressources, but almost none of others. Whether you can scratch together enough ressources or not is completely up to chance.
  • Scan is useless - you can easily see what kind of tiles are beneath the greyed out areas without using scan. If scanning provided more useful information, like what kind of ressources you might find or what the general direction is for the next ruin, there would actually be reason to use it.

Also some game-breaking bugs like your vehicle floating off towards the edge of the map and beyond and no longer being able to move the next day. But I don't want to rag on these issues on Ludum Dare title - still needs to be fixed at some point, if you want people to fully enjoy your game.

Hope I wasn't being too negative, I really like your game and see real potential there, but it still needs polish.

Please don't take this as a complaint about how bad your game is, but a expression of caring :)

Great little game, well done! :) I always love finding video games which can be played by the visually impaired, which - sadly - is still a completely undeveloped field.

Only criticism I would raise, is that blindly navigating a maze is somewhat unintuitive when the walls have no thickness. I think maze where walls take as much space on the grid as the paths would be easier to "feel out".

Hi there! I would love to purchase your game, but I don't own a credit card (not very common where I live) -  is there a way for me to pay you without credit?

You're welcome :)

I love to dig for secrets in games and I'm delighted that there's at least one small secret that I've found, that so far none of the streamers seem to have caught (since I don't want to spoil it, I'll just say this much: it's a good idea to keep more than one save file ;) ).

Intriguing and creepy - I like it! Looking forward to the full game :)

Found a bug - when you use the knife on the picture above the shelf next to the fireplace, the game will crash due to a missing audio file.

Thanks for clarifying, I have updated my rating accordingly :)

I don't want to downvote this just because I can't figure this out, but I have no idea what you're supposed to do in this game, except watch the columns come down and get lost in the void (maybe that's the point?).

Great and addicting arcade game that does almost everything right.

My only criticism is, that it is very easy to slip outside the game window and lose control. Having the option to either capture the mouse cursor (not sure if that's possible) or going full screen would be appreciated.

I would absolutely recommend it, it's a science-fiction classic (Link). Though be warned that Stanislaw Lem is not light reading.

My computer is an 8 year old notebook with a Geforce GT 745M graphics chip - that's really low-spec, so I doubt you can really do much about it on your end. I managed to get the game running with a decent fps, so it's not too bad :)

Very intriguing game, I enjoyed playing it very much (even though my crappy computer can barely run it).

The story so far reminds me a lot of the book "Solaris" - any connection?

Pretty good, but a little tutorial in the beginning about how to interpret the signals of the orbs would make the experience smoother.

Thank you very much! :)

Worldsmith community · Created a new topic Stuck

Hiya, I'm seriously stuck.

I think I need to get past the razor-wire fence on sub-level 7, but I have no idea how - any suggestions?