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Nice game. The screen is way to big though. My display is a 17 inch 2560 x 1440. That's a standard size. This game is bigger than that.

last updated Jan 08, 2023. It is March 6, 2024. This game is dead.

You can do online surveys to get it.

This game's files have been suspended by an administrator.

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"This game's files have been suspended by an administrator."

You are updating a suspended game.

I can't figure out how to close the cauldron window.

It does not load on the web version. Clicking on the play button just results in a black box.

$50 full price for this game? Similar games would be $10 - $20.

I'm not going to pay $10 a month for years on end to get access to a single game. I may do a $5 or so one time payment to support a developer with a promising but far from finished game. Or I may spend more on a game that has a good amount of content but is still in development.

Most game developers on this site who have Patrons going update their games on here with a delay. They usually put the last version here with Patron getting the latest release. If you are not going to do that them I will de-list your game. Your posts here are just advertisements filling up my notifications. 

Do we need to be patreon subscribers to play this?

You start off with two crates located near the lander. By oxygen plant I am guessing the square with a fan in it. That's your starting room. Place your airlock to one side and you can go in. You need to make more, which unlocks after you research construction.

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"I also thought it’d be really useful for managing my water supply. It could take water from my rain dishes and place the water bottles in the pump."

The powered rain collectors will do that when it rains. They do not fill up when it is not raining, unlike the unpowered rain collectors. Personally I think that feature should be added to the powered collector or moved to a new Water Condenser that requires power but will automatically provide water to the base when it fills up.

"I expect the water management to behave like power management. I expect rain dishes to collect water (like nuclear reactors with energy) which gets stored automatically in pumps (like batteries)."

Powered rain collectors can be hooked up to your base using conduits. You need a water supply building to store water collected from them. When it rains they will pump water to your base.  You can take water out of the water supply using the water spigot. The Greenhouse will automatically take water out of the water supply to water your plants.

"I know i know, I should watch my fuel. But pushing back a machine 200 tiles sucks, so being able to somehow carry energy to the car to refuel it would be really nice."

There is a work around. You can carry a garage, conduit, and a windmill or other power generator with you. Then you can make a refueling station. The problem is that takes up several inventory spaces. The batteries that store base power need power cells to make. It would be nice if we could use power cells to recharge stuff or make a reusable portable battery. Then we could get powered back up and have more inventory spaces for other stuff.

"For example I want to have lights that turn on/off using the daylight sensor."

I agree with this. The daylight sensor has a use but it would be better if the lights had it sensor built in. The sensor we have now makes the light stop receiving power instead of being turned off. This makes the power warning flash. And it requires a tile to be placed on so the lights can not be right next to the base, conduits, etc.

"As it is, the autocrafter is basically useless except for managing my farm (which it can’t do since I’m constantly refilling water manually anyway)."

The autocrafter should make the required parts / materials if you assign it to build something.  It should have better automation options too. Assigning input and output only storage containers would be useful. Perhaps in the container window there could be a way to designate it. Or the autocrafter could be told to only take or output to containers of a color. For some stuff it is useful to maintain a number if items stored, like smelting ore into metal. Other stuff, like windmills I do not need to maintain a number in storage. An option when making a task to choose between maintaining a supply or just making a certain number would be useful.

"The drill machine is so slow and so hard to turn that I’d rather just take some air canisters and the buggy to collect rocks and ore."

I don't see a problem with it's turning. It has a pretty tight turn. The dozer is just too slow. And using the drill is too awkward. Space should turn it on or off, or make it turn on / off automatically. The drill uses a lot of energy too. The buggy could use better turning. I find it to be kinda awkward to drive.

I downloaded the demo and it has no instructions. I have no idea how to attack enemies.

Reminds me of the Far Lands in Minecraft. Both have "infinite" generation but things break down if you go to far.

Since you are making a Mega Man game your other game LunarLux is a dead project?

They keyboard controls need work. Using shift, ctrl, space is very awkward with my keyboard. And it keeps asking me of I want to turn on sticky keys. No other game asks me if I want to turn that on.

No extra lives ruins this game. Arrow key controls are awkward and attack range with the sword is small, leading to getting hit a lot. I died and have no desire to go through everything again. 1/5 for permadeath.

The default controls are awkward. Needs WASD movement I chain enemies and this pulls them towards me so they can attack me. Chaining most enemies is counterproductive. If I go to another area it sets my default hp to whatever it was when I went. This is a game breaking blow since it is super hard to get items to refill hp.

I reinstalled it and it works now.

Game does not work. I got to the part in the second to the bottom screenshot on this page and the game breaks. The moving hand appears, I click the game screen, the moving hand disappears, and I can not do anything.

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Why do you have two different versions of this game uploaded to itch?

There is a bug that disables the mouse pointer until I use alt + tab to leave this and come back.

Why does this game have two pages when there is only one game?

Arrow keys are awkward to control, could use WS as alternate keys.

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I can not solve the puzzle in the Vulcanic Depths. I spent an hour and a half trying to get lucky because the puzzle is far too complex to solve in my head. What is this solution? I suggest replacing this puzzle or simply solving it for the player. Seriously. There are literally tens of thousands of combinations to guess through. That is assuming the puzzle is solved in just a few moves. Depending on how many steps it takes to solve there could be millions of possible combinations: 16 x 16 x 16 x 16 x 16. There is no process of elimination solution either.

This has been removed from Steam. It looks like the developer is no longer making games. They removed all but one of their games from Steam and the games here have not been updated in years. Their website hasn't been updated since 2017.

Looks like the developer is defunct.

The player isn't given enough info to beat the game. There is a vital piece of info missing: You have to order the receipts by date to get the code. Nothing tells the player this. The idea to do so didn't occur to me, so I had no idea how to beat this. The only way I knew to do this is because I clicked on the guide button.

Yes, it has the additional content. Here is a Steam post about the paid and free versions:

Even compared to other indie / small developers this is low content. Thee are a ton of free web games that have more content: Epic Battle Fantasy series of games. GemCraft series of games. Cookie Clicker. Cursed Treasure series of games. Stellar Squad, Kingdom Rush series of games. Rebuild. Creeper World series. Also there are many small / indie developers who have made paid games with more content: Terraria. Stardew Valley. Night in the Woods. Oxenfree. FTL: Faster Than Light. The Binding of Isaac. Deeponia series of games. Celeste.

Yep, there are a free version of this on Newgrrounds, Kongregate, and other sites. The paid version has some additional content.

What is the difference between the windows versions?

The donload link doesn't appear on the game page until you go to the bundle page and click on the download button.

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I got to Intro_ChronalVibes and the game is stuck. Dr Weber says "that's no good". the dialogue advances to Jenna saying "No... Not this...", the dialouge box closes and the game repeats the screen shake animation forever.

Edit, got past it. I disabled multiple autosaves and deleted all of the autosaves. Then it gave me an out of memory error. I reloaded the webpage and now I can get past it.

Nano-control community · Created a new topic No update?

Is this game no longer being updated on this site?

Released on Steam in 2018. Looks like there will never be a part 2 to this game. Too bad, it's a good game and you could make money with a part 2.

It's on sale now. The regular price is $15. There are games with far more content and polish for that price.

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This is not a $15 game. No tutorial or help, nothing is explained. Limited minimap, limited tech tree, no story. Random generation can put the enemy spawner right next to the ship and you can not destroy it.

Starcraft Remastered is $15. That game has 3 faction with their own units and tech trees, a story, and a lot more. If you are looking for a RTS buy that instead or some other game.

2/5 This is a luck based game disguised as a skill based game. There are super fast monsters that move about randomly. This makes them impossible to dodge in many circumstances. A level could be instant lose or very easy depending on this single enemy. Game needs a rework to make it less frustrating.

Pressing up makes me go down, pressing down make me go up. Can I remap the controls?