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I got to Intro_ChronalVibes and the game is stuck. Dr Weber says "that's no good". the dialogue advances to Jenna saying "No... Not this...", the dialouge box closes and the game repeats the screen shake animation forever.

Edit, got past it. I disabled multiple autosaves and deleted all of the autosaves. Then it gave me an out of memory error. I reloaded the webpage and now I can get past it.

Nano-control community · Created a new topic No update?

Is this game no longer being updated on this site?

Released on Steam in 2018. Looks like there will never be a part 2 to this game. Too bad, it's a good game and you could make money with a part 2.

It's on sale now. The regular price is $15. There are games with far more content and polish for that price.

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This is not a $15 game. No tutorial or help, nothing is explained. Limited minimap, limited tech tree, no story. Random generation can put the enemy spawner right next to the ship and you can not destroy it.

Starcraft Remastered is $15. That game has 3 faction with their own units and tech trees, a story, and a lot more. If you are looking for a RTS buy that instead or some other game.

2/5 This is a luck based game disguised as a skill based game. There are super fast monsters that move about randomly. This makes them impossible to dodge in many circumstances. A level could be instant lose or very easy depending on this single enemy. Game needs a rework to make it less frustrating.

2/5. The jumping is awful.

Pressing up makes me go down, pressing down make me go up. Can I remap the controls?

Warning, do not download or play this. I am getting a fake message saying that my browser must be updated to run this. I am just the latest version, my browser is up to date. If you are getting a virus warning, this is why.