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I apologize about that, it's a known bug with the game where it looks like it's stuck at 100% when it's really only about 95% done. It should load after a little while though. Thank you for the feedback!

I apologize, Ziko. The game was made as an entry for the Ludum Dare game jam last year and as such we had little time to finish and upload the project, resulting in a LOT of stuff that was overlooked, a downloadable version being one of them. I have edited the game's page to include the download link for your convenience.

I loved your game! Very clean, simple, and fun design. Perfect difficulty curve as well. The only thing I was left wanting was a kick-butt soundtrack to pump me up, but otherwise it was all really good!


My entry to My First Game Jam will be somewhat of a spin-off of Luigi's Manision and Castlevania, with a good helping of Miniguns. You know...for science. You go throughout a huge (hopefully) mansion exploring the rooms and taking out their ghostly inhabitants with the power of epic miniguns, picking up strength and damage boosters to help you defeat the final boss of the game, The Great Doge (yes, I'm a terrible sucker for memes, don't judge hahaha).

The game will have an emphasis on being completely non-linear, meaning that at any point in the game you can simply walk up to the final boss and take him on, with or without any boosts you get from the (hopefully) several minibosses. This is the first game that I've tried like this, and I think it'll create an interesting dynamic of a game completely driven by choice, but still with a clearly defined goal. I'm also planning on adding tons of secrets!

(Early look at just moving and shooting lifeless (hahaha, lifeless, get it?) ghosts)

No problem man! Thanks for being so quick to respond! Keep on with the good work!

Loved the games! I am very intrigued by your coding in the Chambers one, and I love the graphical improvement into I Guess I'm Jim. I think it's an awsome direction that you're going in, but with one problem...I can't figure out how to jump! The wise old dude in the egyptian pyramid taught me the fire spell, but afterwards I was teleported into the next level with no idea how to jump. I tried every button, but none worked, so I couldn't get past the first pit! :( Still, awesome so far though!