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Sure why not? I had a lot of fun with the jam submission, so if you got more, I'll test them out!

Thanks so much for the advice! I'll try it out when the jam ends.

Thank you for the kind words! The honey collectors were made intentionally slow so that it was more visibly apparent how much faster you were making the honey, but you're completely right they get outpaced very quickly and it's just that little balance (plus the terrible implementation of the Speed upgrade) that really bogs down the experience. Still, thank you so much for playing and rating!

Thanks for the kind words! I agree completely about the speed upgrade, almost all the complaints about the game are centered around that one upgrade so maybe after the jam I'll implement something like what you suggested! Unfortunately there isn't an endgame, no. I originally planned for the queen to have 15 days (each day would be around 10 minutes or so) to collect enough workers to fend off a random encounter, but I decided for the jam to just keep it simple and let people play for as long or short as they wanted without feeling pressured to "finish" anything. Maybe something for the future, thanks for playing!

I liked the game! For some reason I couldn't do a sword swing in the air, which may have been intentional but it was still strange. I thought the boss could have a little less health, by the end of it it felt super spongey and just devolved into me running away and throwing shurikens at it over and over. Still, the visual style of the game is awesome, the pixel art is great, and the sounds aren't bad! Pretty fun little boss battle!

Okay this is seriously underrated. I loved the Hotline Miami vibes that the mechanics were giving off, and the simple but addictive nature of adding more and more upgrades to the character was really enthralling. My only issues come from the camera and from the abilities.

The camera should definitely be headed towards the mouse instead of lagging behind the player, the way it is now its far too easy to accidentally rush into a group of enemies that see you before you see them. This game is great at giving you a feeling of being able to be tactical, take out your targets carefully, and be somewhat prepared, but the camera doesn't let you survey the battle before charging in which ruins that planning stage.

The second is the abilities. The abilities stay on even after death, which I think could be a cool mechanic (or a cool bug?) but some of the upgrades I didn't want anymore, so I went back to the lobby hoping to clear them but to no avail. For instance I got the shorter range, more damage upgrade twice which made my pistol basically a knife, which was cool...but I wanted to revert that after I realized how volatile that strategy was against the boss. But I was stuck with the ability until I completely shut down the game.

Maybe add some sort of station in the lobby to both clear abilities and top up health? That was the other problem. I got so many extra hearts, but when you respawn you respawn with the ABILITY to get that health back but not the actual health, which I wish it did. It would add to this "stronger every loop" feel that this game had to it.

The difficulty was perfect for a jam game, and I loved that every loop was a little bit different, whether that be the floor tiles, enemy placements, etc. and I appreciated that the boss was in the same place every loop so I could plan for that.

Loved the menu too, I'm a sucker for diagetic UI design, and the lobby is a perfect example of a tutorial and a respite all in one.

Overall, I loved this thing, and the amount of words I have to say about it tells you how much time I spent on it, and how much I loved the implementation. Good stuff.

I had a good bit of fun with this one! The graphics were charming, the music was nice, and the final boss was actually a good challenge! I'm glad you kept this one short, I think if the levels had been too big or there were too many, the few enemies and locations you had would've worn too thin and become annoying, but it was the perfect length for what it was! Only real gripe is that I wish the gun had a sound effect. Something shooting bullets that monstrous needs an appropriately hand-cannony sound effect to make it really impactful! Good job!

Oh my god. I actually almost pissed myself the first time the boss caught me. I actually couldn't finish the game I was so scared. My third run in I saw the orange light and went to close the file stealer but I whiffed the x button and literally felt my heart leap into my throat as I panicked and missed it again and got caught. Honestly for something so simple it really, really got me. Good stuff.

Charming, well implemented, exceptional. Loved the art style, everything ran smoothly, and the voice acting was a great touch. I loved the little sounds the menu made, and I felt incredibly stupid when I realized the characters, portraits, and landscape were color coordinated. I think the game could've been a SMIDGE easier, but overall I loved the whole package. Great runtime too, a bitesize game perfect for a jam and so easy to add onto in the future!

Love the nice crunchy sound effects in the game, and sliding is appropriately fast. The clean and simple art style reminds me of the good ol flash games of the day, and that's not a bad thing! This game would be awesome on mobile. Good work!

I really liked it! The sprites and the animation were all super well done, I really like the sparkle effects when the boss does his moves. The sounds are nice and fitting, and the only real complaint I had was that standing right up on his chin was a pretty obvious cheese spot. Still, a great, fun boss battle!

Dammit, I wish the windows port was available. I see the comment below about it and I hope after the jam you can upload it so I can play!

Cool little game! For some reason the first time I played it the sprite for the boss at the top didn't show up, so I just had to keep shooting around until I saw the health bar drop. I would've liked to see the drills be a bit more effective as well, I didn't get hit a single time and I went pretty slowly. Still, the sprites are awesome and the visual style is great. I like the idea of being able to climb on the walls and stuff and the boss sprite was super cool and made me wonder about the story of it all. The music is a good moody touch, but it didn't loop which might be something to fix. Other than that well done!

Sorry for the issues, for some reason the web build is not working correctly right now. I will fix this after the jam ratings but for now please enjoy the downloaded version! Also "set compression" where? I can't find that in the Edit Game page.

Sorry for the issues, for some reason the web build is not working correctly right now. I will fix this after the jam ratings but for now please enjoy the downloaded version!

Sorry for the issues with the web build, folks. For now, please download the game for your system of choice and run it that way if you still are interested in playing! I will update the page once the jam is over to fix the web build. Thank you!

Sorry about the issues, for some reason the web version must not have compiled correctly. For now the other versions seem to still work, so downloading is still an option. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for playing! I'm not sure what happened to the web version, I hope once the jam is over I can fix that. Thanks for the feedback!

Hahaha, yeah, the speed increase is something that I need to SERIOUSLY tone down in the future. I was trying to make it so that you were pretty guaranteed to get up to at least 7 if you tried in one sitting but I made it a little TOO easy! Thanks for playing, and for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words! The AI was tough, and honestly still is kind of buggy, but that was really the part that I wanted to nail down the most, and I'm glad it worked out in the end. Thanks for playing!

I got the game re-submitted into the jam! Woohoo

Just got my game approved to be resubmitted, if you wanna check it out!

I really liked this one! Zooming around the galaxy with a dash is pretty fun, and the floaty movement definitely add to the hectic crazyness of it all. The art is SUPER well done, I loved the clean look of the black hole in the middle, and while I think the UI could use a bit more work, all of the sprites are consistent and presentable. I think a minute is a really good amount of time that you set, though I wish that there was some way to up or lower the difficulty if someone is looking for more of a challenge or less of one. Overall, a great game!

Hey John, thanks for playing! I didn't miss the submission deadline but for some reason when I submitted it, itch messed up and removed it from the jam! I'm trying to get in touch with one of the organizers to get it fixed but for now I'm out of the jam but up one portfolio game!

True! For some reason the jam site messed up and didn't submit my game even when I pressed the submit button, but I made a game for this jam as well if you wanna check it out. Either way, really good stuff once again!

Absolutely adorable. I loved it, from the art style, the characters, the secrets, the charm, everything. The platforming was a cool twist as well, didn't expect to have to clamber up the side of the mountain like that but it was awesome! The sound design is impeccable, the rushing of the waves, the calming music, the nice shutter sound all comes together and creates an awesome package that anyone can sit down and smile at. Well done.

An interesting fight! Loved the gun model, the beast model, and the environment. The crystal at the beginning reminded me of blue raspberry rock candy and I can't be too mad about that haha. Shooting felt frantic but controllable, and while the boss himself was pretty simple he did keep it pretty tense. The atmosphere is what I really enjoyed about the experience. The fog, the strange landscape, the music, the mystery of it all was palpable. I do wish that the projectiles he threw were more avoidable, but overall a solid project!

Very pretty game, endo. I like the aesthetic, and the even more limited graphics make the limited vision even spookier. I can tell that a lot of work went into this game, and I applaud the efforts! I wish I could play more, but scary games just ARE NOT my cup of tea. Good stuff though!

The improvements are very nice! The skip button was really all this experience needed, and the easier light floor puzzle really lowers any frustration that that area gave. One thing I never noticed the when I originally played was that the speedrun trick actually blocks you off from completing the game on the way back, since the door isn't open and you can't jump high enough to get over the frame! My own hubris was my own undoing in the end. Regardless, excellent changes, and still a very fun little experience! Well done.

Thanks for replying in such a detailed fashion! I really had no other qualms, I loved the experience, and I wish there was more! Keep up the good work!

You've already entered another jam? You're crazy hahaha. Still it is an exciting prospect for that new jam..."Boss", huh? Maybe you might see my name in that jam too, just to compete with you! Good luck!

I'm so glad your entry got to 20 ratings! I was worried it wouldn't for a second there. Well done!

No problem, thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

More art piece than game. I wish it only took 1-2 balls to turn a building, that way the payoff didn't take so long, but I enjoyed it all the same.

A good start. I can tell you put a lot of polish into this game, I just wish that it was a little more solid. It's hard to know if you're hitting anything with the sword, the control scheme is a little weird, and the character only jumps like half an inch off the ground. I think there's a good foundation here, it just needs a little more time and experience behind it.

You had the mechanics down, the art style is cute, the music fits well, but the level design needs some serious work. The bird is literally unavoidable in level 1, and the jump right after the bird is way too difficult for level one stuff. Also you can use the A and D keys to move left and right but only arrow key up jumps? That's an odd decision or bug. Still, it had promise, and if this is your first game, it's not a bad attempt. The art as I said is cute and fitting, and the music is pretty good!

Excellent, and surprisingly deep.