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Found a page saying that you are allowed to use the packs in your own commercial products, so I will go ahead. If this is a mistake please let me know!

Is there a license for this? I would like to use it for a quick, free, open source chess-related project.

What to you mean by that? Are you looking for tips on finding teammates or signing up?

Anyone interested in helping build a game on a fantasy console such as the TIC-80 or PICO-8? I already have some experience coding for the TIC-80, and am willing to learn new tools to accommodate.

Although it did feel like a clone of Nuclear Throne/Wasteland Kings, it was still fun to play.

I am really digging the Aesthetics behind this game. You did a great job with the visual effects and music.

The gunshot and alarm sounds are pretty loud for how often they are played, and the guard AI is a bit too good at spotting the player, but overall I would say that I enjoyed this one.