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I'm glad you do! Haven't given up — life (rent) has just gotten in the way of being able to expend my limited energy on this.

It means a lot that you like the alpha, and your comment makes me want to keep working when I get moments. Thanks for playing :))

papa approved

Bird by Example is in the process of releasing on Steam as a free to play game! I will also update the game here.

All of this is on the development list (in some form), except for building!

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Hey! I'm busy with work these days but in the next couple years I'd like to push the game onto Steam as a free game, with possibility of maybe some paid expansions to add bonus features.

RPG mechanics are planned! I'm going to begin with eating and item use and then start combat and enemy mobs.

This is entirely my fault. There's a debug key (Z) which I use to test the ragdolling and causes the bird to fall asleep until they die. I forgot to take it out of the release and it has left lots of people confused.

Thanks friend! I'll do my best!


Thank you! I'm working on it. Looking at getting some funding because it's quite difficult to live off this project.

This is honestly stunning as an early prototype. Keep it up!

If you're looking for a full list there is a window which pops up prior to launching the game where you can see all the bindings and change them as you'd like.

Default is WASD + your mouse for the primary controls! Currently grabbing and using objects isn't implemented even though buttons exist for those functions.

Development is slowed because I'm trying to pay rent, but you can check out development progress on the Discord! Next update is going to be big but it may be a while as I sort out other things in my life.

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Make sure you downloaded the Mac OS version of the game! (Some people have downloaded the Windows dev-build version by accident) It should be a .zip file called "" which you need to extract. Inside the extracted folder is the BBE app it should be as simple as running it at that point.

Let me know if you have any issues! (I don't actually own a Mac device so I can't verify this myself.)

Hi there fujirose!

Sorry for the late reply. Make sure you've downloaded the Linux version (0.2.1). The Linux version does not include a .exe file like you mentioned, and instead has a .x86_64 file. It's possible you downloaded the Windows version of the latest Dev Build (0.2.2).

Starting the .x86_64 file requires you to mark it as a program, and then run through the terminal. Depending on your distro this may look different, but this is what worked for me (Look for Kiri's answer):

arms make bird better

Hahaha so glad you enjoyed the primordial birds.

I'm coding the next update right now, so stay tuned!

Thank you for all the encouragement! And special thanks for your support on Patreon! I've already added your name to the Patreon temple in Bird by Example so you'll be immortalized within the game!

Serves you right for being a fucking fascist.

Mission Accomplished! Thanks for the video MrBobbly!


Also, you can change the quality on the fly by pressing the + and - buttons!

You can set the quality level and resolution in the opening dialogue. That should make it easier on the GPU.

However, if it's still slow, it means your computer can't handle the AI computation on the CPU. Optimizations are on the way, but you'll gotta be patient!


Always a pleasure, Robson! Thanks for playing the new update!

lmfao amazing

I looooooooove this video!

Bold move going for maximum bird on your first rodeo, not everyone can handle that.

Hahahah, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for making this!

Gosh, thank you so much! I'm glad it excites you as much as it excites me!

It started out just as a Unity machine learning prototype, and the birds were a spir-of-the-moment decision that immediately I fell in love with. I haven't looked back.

I'm working on this project almost every day, with sporatic development updates posted to my Discord if you're interested. A big new content update should be out within the week!

Thanks for recording it! More content soon, I promise!

Thank you so much for playing, and big props to making a video!

I'm working on Bird by Example every day so that there will be more to do. There should be some new content within a week!

Wait, your birds have arms? That's not supposed to happen!

Love love love seeing people play BBE! Made my day!

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There are controls on the billboard in the forest!

A low framerate will cause the physics system to weaken, which is a problem I'm working to solve for 0.1.4.

You can press Numpad -/+ to change the graphical settings on the fly, if that helps raise your FPS at al.

(I have a hypothesis that your issue is due to me accidentally factoring in framerate twice instead of just once for the physics calculation!)

Any information you have about this could be very useful!

Do you by any chance get a poor framerate during play?

If so, press Numpad (-) to lower the graphical settings, and see if the birds stand up.

and mama loves u!!

alpha 0.1.3 is out now

please put it on a usb drive and drop it into any mailboxes you may know of (this is important for the game)

you a cool bird

more soon

Not a problem! There is no audio in Alpha 0.1.2 😋