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Hey there :)

Thank you for this post! This is of course not the intended behaviour. On which platform did you tried to launch the game? If on Windows did you downloaded the installer or the zip file?

Thanks for asking this question :)

Sorry to hear, that there are problems with the controls. Pressing space should indeed trigger the jump! It's the first time we hear this feedback.

Please try using an external keyboard on the mac or use an XBOX/PS4 controller. If this doesn't work, maybe you have access to a PC with Windows, so you can use the Windows-version of Falling Awake.

Please consider, that during the start screen in the bedroom there is no jump possible. The jump will be activated after the game starts (when Maya goes to bed).

We hope this will fix it and you can enjoy playing Falling Awake. Otherwise, feel free to write back.

Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and creating a Youtube video!
We hope you had fun while playing the game :)

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Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and for your comment!

With this introduced input action you can open the map. Depending on your chosen input type, it is:

XBox-controller:           Back/View button (left centred button)
PS4-controller:              Touchpad
keyboard + mouse:      Tab

Enjoy playing Falling Awake :)

Falling Awake

Amazing :)
Thank you very much!

Jeah, let's see, maybe we add someday something :)

Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and making a YouTube video! That is very cool that you like the music so much. We will tell it our sound designers :)
Also, we are sorry for the problems with the green moving stones in the level. We will look into that and refine it. Thanks again for playing.

Thanks for playing Falling Awake! :)
Sorry that you experienced such a bug. You can always restart the game from the menu, just press ‘start’ on the controller or ‘Esc’ on the keyboard. We will fix this bug with the next update.
Also thanks for sharing your mentioned improvements, we will take them into consideration.

Thanks for playing our game! Sorry for the small bug you experienced. We will definitely have it fixed in the next build ;) . Also, thank you for sharing your future expectations we will take them in consideration. Enjoy playing and stay healthy!