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Yeah, both of those are bugs that I've never gotten around to fixing.

Just a nice quiet atmospheric place, yeah, if I understand the place you're referring to.

Is there a way to roll two different dice and drop the lowest of them? I haven't been able to find an expression that does this successfully.

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Suppose I have an attack I roll that does 2d6 physical + 1d6 fire damage, and I want the fire damage to be indicated separately (for resistances and such). Is there any tidy way to have a saved roll that rolls 3d6 (or 2d6+1d6) where one of them is styled differently?

Edit: Figured it out. If you have a die in your tray with a label (like "f6"), you can use that label in roll expressions, so like "2d6+1f6".

Not as far as I know.

thanks for the report!

The kobolds out in the wilderness cannot be brought to your lair, but they will heal you and provide tribute if you have the appropriate abilities unlocked.

There's no explicit victory condition; feel free to consider yourself to have won if you've beaten all five bosses (as indicated by the orbs in the lair). Exploring the whole map, amassing a hoard that you're proud of, or just deciding that you're done are all also valid ways to win. 

There's a couple ways to reach the giant; rocket jump + wings + lunging bite is my suggested damage-free approach.