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ok. can't see the TV world, maybe play as the kid again, or a parent or a person who knows him. and getting to see more of the monster's origin, the videos on the tv tells us little known origin of the monster, and that's pretty cool idea

do you plan on making a sequel. i like this game, and the game ended on a cliff hanger. so i hope to see more of this game

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"Yes! I've been thinking about turning the game into a bigger thing"

~Alberto Navarro on twitter

plus, you can check out some of my games if your looking for a game like this ^^

i know. can there be more for this game tho?

this game is scary for a demo, but the ending makes no sense, i don't get what this game mean or what it has for the full game. if this gets completed, i would have advise you to put more enemies, levels and please add puzzles. thanks

what i like about this game is that it reminded me of one late night. we woke up in an office, there is someone else's office we have to go to. and a ghost woman is a enemy. it has nice puzzles. great enemy design, she looks very burnted. and a surprising ending. i won't spoil it to you, you have to play it for yourself.

this game is very scary, the monster designs are great. the graphics are amazing and atmospheric. and i do like the scary voice acting and doesn't focuses on to much jumpscares. if you guys enjoy this game, then you'll enjoy mine

very weird, but good at the same time. there's lot's of points where cartoons played, hinting the lore of the game. but at the end of the game, it ended on a cliffhanger, can't wait to see what happens next. better monster designs then Anatidaephobia, it makes it like the other way around, instead of you watching the tv, the tv watches you.

i wonder if i could help with the game. i know some people who have ideas. i wonder if you have discord or not

also, some hints too. the game gets boring

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also. can you please fix enemy ai. add more puzzles and more deathtraps and monsters and better jumpscares and animatrion. and fix up the model too

will there be more enemies

will the other 2 chapters be added to this game as updates so we don't waste our money?

this game is very fun. i like the monster and the gameplay. but can you please add more levels. monsters. objectives and such. it will improve the game

hi, is it ok if i could make an English, translated version of this on Unity?

hi. gotta say, this game is cute and lovely. full of fun music, cute characters and an anime inspired graphics. tho one problem that it's not a horror game, i guess you put it in by accident. just letting you know

can't wait to see more levels, enemies and more gameplay. i hope some hiding spots will be fixed

i said it by accident. plus, me and his games are good. trust me

hey, can i do the english translations

if you enjoy this game. then you could play some of my games. they're also fun to play and scare you so much, you get scared

this game is fun and scary. can you add more levels and enemies in the next update. have real zombies and monsters in the game. i know this is a prototype. so the killer will be replaced in the full game. please hire us. i know a good modeller

why? i said how good this game is

this game is not scary. this game is a scam, the enemies are ducks which is pefetic. please give it more scary design, make it a monster. and please fix the ending

this game is alright. tho i do wish for more levels, enemies and more scares. tho your games won't be as good as my games. but that's just one of our member's opinions. tho we all agree with more levels, enemies and more scares.

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This Game is very scary. i enjoyed the gameplay, puzzles and even story. you played as a little girl who's having nightmares of her evil mime who tortured her for years. i recommend this game for people who likes puzzles and scary games and silent hill .also, please add more levels. puzzles and enemies and control screen and more cutscenes in the next update

this game is so scary. it has fun jumpscares. great puzzles. and it's not just a jumpscare fest. you play as a child who is living at a house. but this strange creature who is based on a Japanese folks story wants to kill you to give it more life spam. i recommand playing this game for the story and voice acting. the Ayuwoki's voice is deep and whispering which is scary.

what do you think? also did you see my new game as well?

wanna see the other games i did?

i made other games which is on the my page right now

trust me. the rest of the game will be different. i'm gonna do updates on the game

worry. but don't worry. the rest will be original for now on.

wanna work with the njl productions?

trust me, the game play, story and monsters will be different

the gameplay will be different and the story and monsters as well

also i made this and that and soon fred's nightmare game which will be on steam

it's not a rip off, some are inspired. the story and monsters are different

no, it's just i'm starting to enjoy the game and thinking if i could do an inspired game, like case animatronics is inspired by fnaf

also, there is a way for smooth the shading and polygons as well as this thing called Subsurf 

i guess it's fair, you do your games, my team do my games