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I believe the name should have been "Baba Is You: Definitive Edition"
Don't worry, happens to the best of us.

Awesome, well done!! Glad it worked. My solution might be specific to my setup, I'm on Arch Linux with KDE Plasma.

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I just got the app and faced the same issue, so I tried launching it with Xwayland, and that works! It will break HiDPI since Xwayland doesn't support it yet (blurry appearance), but at least it launches and saves you from having to sign into the X11 session.

I notice that in Player.log, the application cannot even start logging anything, it outputs one line, and that states my screen resolution is 0x0@0hz. Now I'm no expert, but I think my resolution affords me a bit more screen real estate than that.


To launch Asset Forge with Xwayland, you need to set the following environment variable: SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11
Example in a terminal, from the Asset Forge folder: SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11 ./Asset\ Forge.x86_64

By the way, thanks Kenney, this app is super awesome!!

Hey, my pleasure!

This game is such stupid fun, really loved it. If you're looking to kill time and on the fence about downloading it or not, just do it. When you start playing it, it's one of those "ok this is actually amazing lmao" games.

Played it on Linux, the build is untested but might as well not come with the warning because it just works.

The rain theme is sooo good!!

Great post, thank you! I've been churning an idea for a game quite some time now and this is immensely helpful.