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Nitrous Butterfly

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Recent community posts


  • Added global inventory display at top left
  • Global Inventory button now toggles display of on screen inventory display
  • Added Disable refuel button to power generator interface
  • Added Show Info Panel button to colonist management screen
  • Reduced negative decor effect of Wall Debris
  • Additional resolutions for different aspect ratios now in settings
  • Added sound effect for placing objects


  • Fixed incorrect gender icon for robots in colonist management screen
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue that would randomly cause colonists to get stuck/run in place when generating a new path
  • Fixed issue with light material color reverting to white when loading a save game or light source loses/regains power
  • Fixed issue with miner becoming stuck if mining a tile on the edge of the map
  • Resources dropped when mining should now appear on the floor of the tile that was mined instead of next to it
  • Fixed issue with starting tutorial text not showing correctly on some resolutions
  • Migrated hard coded text to language xml file


  • Various objects in the game now positively or negatively effect the facility decor

  • New data visibility options at bottom right to toggle between power, water and decor data view modes. Decor view shows a graphic overlay indicating positive decor in green and negative decor in red.

  • Colonists stress will increase or decrease as they walk into areas of negative/positive decor.

  • New Lumen Bulbus crop which can be used at the bio-refiner to make cloth

  • New bench and chair decorations which colonists will use to sit and relax. Amount of stress reduction while sitting down is effected by area decor.

  • Re-organized some data recovery projects and some objects now require new data recovery projects before they are available.

  • Can now pan camera by moving cursor to the edge of the screen.


  • Updated plant graphic rotation in crop fields so that crops look a bit more varied and natural

  • Updated visual appearance of Hemp crop

  • Some objects now require cloth as a building material

  • Colonists will no longer perform work if stress is at max

  • Required Job Role for craft recipe now shown in craft stations.

  • Bio-Refiner recipes now require botanist job role instead of engineer

  • Colonists will now craft items at crafting stations using a round robin method.

  • Selecting objects will still move the camera to target and follow the selection, but can be cancelled by using the keyboard or mouse to move the camera.

  • Selection lock/follow can be toggled in settings.

  • Vsync now enabled by default and can be toggled in settings

  • New selection sound effects for colonists

  • New background music in Main Menu


  • Optimized UI for increased performance on lower spec systems

  • Quality setting now affects post processing filters

  • Fixed issue with color correction causing strange screen colors on some video cards

  • Fixed game crashing if colonist was unable to find a path when trying to refuel a generator

  • Deconstructed objects should no longer drop items on non-walkable tiles. For example items dropped when deconstructing conduits under water tiles would temporarily make that tile walkable, leading to potentially stuck colonists.

  • Fixed a pathfinding issue that would sometimes cause a colonist to become stuck trying to reach their destination

  • Fixed issue with keyboard camera rotation working opposite to mouse camera rotation

  • Fixed issue with colonists eating/sleep priorities

Awesome, thanks! Mercury Fallen is now visible on Steam. Official release date is October 16, 2017. Itch.IO customers will be getting access to a free Steam key. 

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I am very excited to announce that Mercury Fallen is now on Steam.

Anyone who has purchased the game here on Itch.IO will have access to a free Steam Key so they can add the game to their Steam Library. Click here for more details.


  • Added ability to reset camera view to ensure players can’t get lost in the darkness. Default keybind is set to ‘C’ key.


  • Game should no longer become unresponsive when colonist disappears after death while that colonists info window is open

  • Material color should now show correctly when changing light color for standing lamp and nightstand

  • Further optimizations to pathfinding to reduce memory overhead and increase stability

  • Optimization to animations to improve performance

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  • Power generators now require Anthracite fuel to operate. Haulers will haul fuel to to power generator when generator fuel store is below refill threshold.

  • Generator refuel threshold can be set per generator in it’s info panel

  • Generator fuel is consumed per second and per machine that receives power. More machines connected results in higher fuel consumption. Disabled generators will not consume fuel.

  • Power generator and water pump now visually send pulses of power/water through conduits.

  • Power/water level in conduits have a max travel distance. Conduit color fades over distance and machines too far away will not receive power/water.

  • New power/water meters on main HUD bar which show total amount of resource consumed over total amount of resource generated

  • Getting Started task list will now show at top left. Existing save games will see the new task list as well and some tasks will be retroactively completed. Tasks are automatically checked off as the relevant task is performed and the task list will disappear when all tasks have been completed. Tutorial can be optionally skipped.


  • Ore Refinery now lights up only when in use by colonist

  • Bio-Refiner screen now lights up when in use by colonist

  • Updated main menu background

  • Updated game icon

  • Item type now shown in item tooltips

  • Added fuel as an item type

  • Anthracite item type is now fuel

  • Generator renamed to Coal Generator

  • Changed/updated description of various objects/items

  • Ore Refinery now requires power to operate

  • Water Pump now requires power to operate

  • Object size now shown in build info requirements

  • Crop fields now show 3x3 crops instead of 4x4

  • Potato crop now bigger in crop field and plant pot

  • Improved performance with crop growth


  • Improved memory optimizations to resolve crashing issues on some platforms

  • Further optimizations to colonist behavior for better performance

  • Fixed missing text data for Eye Strain ailment

  • Fixed issue with item tooltips not showing full information in craft queues

  • Audio on main HUD buttons are now affected by UI volume setting

  • Power conduit as part of new game world generation no longer extends from the generator all the way to the edge of the map.

  • Decoration objects can no longer be built on water

  • Robots should no longer walk on some water tiles

  • Hover Tooltip info now updates in realtime

  • Game should no longer freeze for a moment after dragging out several floors/walls/conduits etc. to build

Thanks for letting me know. Not entirely sure it qualifies as a 'bug', but I do greatly appreciate the heads up. :)

There are times I've wanted to move the camera with the mouse while sipping my coffee, so it is something I have planned on adding. Always great to get player input on new features. :)

Thanks! Steam release is still in progress, but anyone who has purchased the game here on Itch.IO will receive a Steam Key once it's available. :)


  • Added Night Stand decorative object

  • Added Medical Cabinet decorative object

  • Added Crimson Bloom plant for plant pot

  • Deconstruct filter window to select what type of objects you want to deconstruct. Can now switch between Structure, Floor, Power Conduit & Water Conduit.

  • Updated colonist walk/run animation speeds to better match movement speed

  • Added new button to storage inventories that allows control over what items can be stored in that container.

  • Added new action to hauler job role to remove items that don’t belong in a container based on allowed items. If no other inventory can store the item(s) then the item will be put on the floor.

  • Various changes to object/item descriptions


  • Colonists should no longer get stuck inside storage containers

  • Colonists should better avoid standing in objects to interact with other objects

  • Objects should be constructed in the order they were placed if resources to build object are available

  • Fixed issue with container interactions generating log errors which caused performance issues in some cases

  • Fixed issue with modified attribute values being stored in save game which lead to loading incorrect attribute values.

  • Minor performance improvement to loading

  • Minor performance improvement when spawning visual effects

Glad you got it working. Thanks for the additional information. The elevator is part of the expedition system which is still under development. Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback!

"1. Deconstruction,
Could be me but we can desconstruct objects and floors.
But it looks to me as if we can not deconstruct electrical conduits and water pipes.
Is this correct or am i missing something?"

You can toggle conduit visibility direction (without being in construction mode), by pressing 5/6/7. In conduit mode select a conduit to see it's info window and press deconstruct. This allows you to mark single pieces for deconstruction, but a multi-select option is coming.

"2. I would really like to assign survivors to beds.
I have made a bed and little room for every survivor but they prefer to hot bed into the same bed all the time.
I mean i would think everyone would like to have their own clean bed and not sleep in the sweat of the one before you.
It is not a submarine :)"

Bed assignments is something I would definitely like to see in the game and is on the to-do list. :)

"3. Construction still seems to be total random."

I'll have to take a look in to this. It should be based on build order, but perhaps they're still looking for the closest thing to build instead. 

Thanks again for the feedback. While I have a lot planned it's always great to hear what people want from/like about the game. 

"After your last update I lost all of my saved games"

Your save games were missing or wouldn't load? Are you on PC or Mac? PC save games are stored under Documents/Mercury Fallen/Saves.

"I tried to start a new game I've notice that my characters can not use the computer"

Does the computer show as having power when you click on it? 

Good to hear. Save files received and being reviewed. Thanks!

Thanks for the report. 

So far I'm unable to repeat the problem on my end. If you are able could you provide a save game file before this issue occurs?  This could be related to what ailments/quirks the colonist has. Is this issue happening with a specific colonist or any colonists?

Save games files are located under Documents/Mercury Fallen/Saves. Please attach save game file and send to info@mercuryfallen.com.  

@moosc Thanks for the report and for playing the game. This is certainly strange. Are you unable to place the table on the recreation floor even on a 4x4 floor size? Also is this in the demo or 0.07 alpha? Thanks again!

Thanks! :)

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  • New MedBay Floor

  • New Medi-Bed

  • Added Ailments which are contracted by various actions/events. Ailments that are job action specific are less likely, or won’t happen at all, at higher skill levels of a job. A colonist can have a maximum of 3 ailments at any time and can be removed by getting treated at the Medi-Bed. Some ailments expire naturally over time.

  • New notifications added when a colonist contracts an ailment

  • Smarts stat now increases job skill experience gain by 10% per level of Smarts

  • Added setting for Mouse rotation speed

  • Added several more Quirks

  • Work Speed now visible in Colonist stats

  • Move Speed now visible in Colonist stats

  • New Colonists button to main button bar to open management interface

  • New object selection sound effect


  • Default mouse rotation speed increased

  • Colonists will now stop current action to handle a critical need such as eating/sleeping if the current action can be interrupted. Not all actions are interruptible.

  • New colonist animation for Bio-Refiner interaction

  • Reduced speed of job level progression for some job roles

  • Increased resource requirements for some floors

  • Changes to how experience is gained when performing jobs. Job experience earned is better balanced between different types of jobs.

  • Changed work speed algorithm for better results at higher levels. Initial work speeds are now a bit slower.

  • Power/Water requirements for objects now shown in build window

  • Floor icon now shown in build window

  • Cloning Chamber now requires MedBay Floor

  • Cloning Chamber now requires separate Cloning data recovery

  • Increased data recovery times

  • Data Recovery window now shows time remaining

  • Improved performance of hunger attribute handling

  • Updated new game map colors


  • Fixed colonist path movement to resolve the issue of colonists not reaching their destination when in Hyper speed.

  • Fixed issue with Hauling job not earning experience

  • Fixed floor geometry so that colonists and objects don’t stick through the floor slightly

  • Fix to sleep on floor action to stop colonists from sleeping inside objects

  • Object placement now correctly takes any interaction spots into account. This means that you can no longer place objects facing a wall or another object if it overlaps that interaction spot.

  • Fixed interaction spots not showing correctly on some objects

  • Updated colonist wander behavior to resolve colonists getting stuck in wandering action in some cases

  • Colonist now rotate to face a container they are interacting with

  • Fixed another instance of a wall corner showing the wrong wall material

  • Colonist will more immediately stop performing active job if it’s disabled in the job list

  • Colonist will now craft next available item in craft queue if first item isn’t craftable due to missing resources

  • Fixed issue with craft queue appearing out of order after removing and re-adding an item.

  • Fixed issue with colonist getting stuck if item is removed from a craft queue while attempting to craft that item

  • Fixed error that could occur during crop growth and harvesting

When you deconstruct a storage container the contents gets dumped on the ground. Items are not lost when deconstructing. I do have plans for item filters for storage containers. Thanks for the feedback. :)

(Edited 1 time)

I plan to have the next update out next week which will include the new MedBay/Medi-Bed and Ailments. Lots of other stuff in there as well. ;)

(Edited 1 time)


  • Colonist info window now has tabs to better organize information. Colonist info window is sectioned into Info/Jobs/Stats.

  • Added new breakdown of colonist needs/attributes/quirks under stats tab

  • Added Quirks. Quirks permanently affect attributes of the colonists in different ways. Colonists can have both positive and negative quirks which are added when a colonist is created.

  • Some floor/objects affect colonist movement speed. Movement affect will show in info when selecting floor/objects.

  • Added Plant Pot decoration item. Select plant pot to choose what gets planted in it.

  • Colonist management screen now shows colonists needs/attributes.

  • Muscles attribute now affects colonists inventory carry capacity. Colonists that are carrying more than their capacity will walk slower. Colonists will not pick up more items than they can carry when hauling to storage, but bringing all the items to a construction project may result in a colonists carrying more than their capacity.

  • Camera now moves to focus on selected structures/colonists. If colonist selected the camera will track them as they move around. Right click/Escape to close info window will unlock object tracking.


  • Colonist energy need changed to Fatigue and increases similar to hunger. This was to have more consistency in attributes instead of hunger going up and energy going down.

  • Iron Ore changed to Hematite

  • Copper Ore changed to Azurite

  • Updated look for Hematite/Azurite

  • Removed O2 Generators. O2 generators in existing maps will still load, but still non functional.

  • Removed O2 from info bar at bottom of screen. In its place shows the current colonist count.

  • Eating time increased to be more reasonable.

  • Eating/Sleeping actions now trigger at a lower percentage.

  • Updated eating animations.

  • Updated item tooltips to show item description and type.


  • Colonist hunger rate is stopped while sleeping so they won’t die of starvation while they sleep.

  • Updated attribute effect generation to reduce memory overhead and increase performance

  • Colonists prioritize eating higher quality meals over of raw food.

  • Fog Of War no longer offset by half a tile

  • Minor update to water shader for improved performance

Absolutely. Games are often only as good as the feedback from players and testers. I'm very open to bug reports and ideas/suggestions/random thoughts. Feel free to leave any comments/bugs/suggestions in the forums or contact me directly at info@mercuryfallen.com. Thanks!

Yes I see what you mean and something I've recently been thinking about. Having a period of time which is dedicated to sleep or down time basically. I'm currently working on colonist needs/attributes and their over all affects. I have been leaning towards the idea of simply having it set so that above a certain stress threshold they stop working and will attempt to do leisure activities. The update I'm working on right now is focused on more positive/negative effects related to needs/attributes. 

Thanks! Mercury Fallen has been in development for just over a year now. I certainly don't plan to give up on it now. There is still a lot to do and look forward to with the game.

Bugs? That's can't happen. :) Keep those bug reports coming and I'll do my best to get them fixed up. 

If you can, please send a log file after you have experienced this issue and closed the game without re-opening. I'm not sure why the game is freezing up for you and the log file may provide some clues. Follow the below instructions for sending a log file.


Every time you run the game a log file is generated that includes various information about how the game ran. This log file can be very useful for tracking down issues/bugs. It doesn't tell me everything, but may help narrow down certain issues.  

The below instructions are for the Itch.IO app.

Make sure to send the log after you experience the issue and have closed the game. The log file resets every time the game is opened.

Windows Log File Location

1. In the Itch.IO select Mercury Fallen and then click Show local files 

2. Open the MercuryFallen_Data folder

3.  The log file is called "output_log.txt". You may or may not see the .txt depending on your windows settings.

Sending The Log File

Once the log file is located simply attach it in an email and send to info@mercuryfallen.com. Include in your email a description of the problem you are experiencing.

Thanks for the feedback. The oxygen generation system is still being worked on and tied in to the game. At this point the plan is that oxygen generation will effect how many colonists you can maintain at a time.  I have thought about some sort of day/night cycle, but given the core game is underground I'm not sure how that would tie in to game play. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing Mercury Fallen. Is this in the paid alpha or the pre-alpha demo? If this is the paid alpha version please ensure you are running the latest version 0.05. The version number shows at the bottom right in the main menu in game. If you are running the latest version then I'm not sure why you are experiencing this issue. You're sure that the game is not paused?

Thanks again and if the above was not helpful please provide any additional information about your issue.

That's a bad way to die. Poor colonist. I'm working on some improvements to action re-planning that should help to resolve these types of issues. At the moment they tend to get locked in to one action at a time without being able to re-plan for something critical... like not dying. You should have been able deconstruct the existing bio-refiner, which you would get the materials back from, and rebuild it again in the same spot. Thanks for the report.

Thanks for the clarification. I think I generally understood what you meant and was thinking the same way. Muting/minimizing some some primary audio, but not the ambient noises. Thanks again for the suggestion.

(Edited 2 times)

Thanks for playing Mercury Fallen! Is this on Windows or Mac version of the game? I am not sure I understand the issue you are having. I have not experienced issues with mining as you have explained it. 

  1. Try un-installing and re-installing the game using the Itch.IO app
  2. Ensure you're running the latest version 0.05. It shows on the bottom right of the main menu in the game.

Hope that helps and thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback. Not sure about muting the sound entirely when paused, but perhaps mute if game menu is open. Definitely something to think about. Thanks again!


  • New management interface for managing colonist job roles. New interface additionally shows population information as well overall population percentage on core attributes. Toggle colonist management with ‘Tab’ key.

  • Can now rename your colonists in both the info window and new colonist management screen

  • Can now rename your facility in the new management screen.

  • Save game names use the facility name

  • Resource requirements increased for various buildable objects

  • Colonists sleep for longer periods. Sleeping on the floor is longer than sleeping in a bed.

  • Minor decrease to how long a colonist can go without sleep

  • Additional UI sounds

  • Minor UI text changes


  • Colonist will no longer eat at a table that hasn’t been constructed yet

  • Fixed issue with starting stasis capsules facing structures

  • Colonists no longer show carried items when performing other actions such as sleeping

  • Fixed issue with some wall corners showing the wrong room material

  • Power/Water consumption on game HUD now correctly shows if you are over capacity

  • Selected object info window will now properly show when clicking an object for a second time after pressing escape to close the window

Great feedback. On the to-do list. 

Excellent. Thanks for the screenshot. I can see what the issue is now and will add it to the fix list.

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for the feedback. 

"inhabitants tend to sit on chairs of blueprint dining tables."

Whoops. Easy fix and apparent oversight. This will be fixed in the next version

"Some walls do not render their edges correctly."

Is the wall side not matching the room correctly or does this appear to be a rendering glitch? Could you provide a screenshot?

Thanks again!

(Edited 1 time)

You're most welcome and you're absolutely correct.  Thanks for the response and I'm always open to suggestions/feedback.