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Sry I made it from my phone I will post it in a bit 

A new simple to use efficient question template is ready. 

Feel free to test it on the demos for pc and Android before you buy it. 

More info and demos here :

Any feedback is welcome!!! 

 All the bridge components are ready but i dont have the model to use at them , i abandon the 3d modeling part to focus more in the programming and that's the more important , imagine a game with nice visuals but crap mechanics. And I think i made the right choice

the latest updates will not be available for everyone.If the kickstarter fails then the will go full price with all the updates 

You have to download the app and hit play it's like steam 

tell me your problem a screenshot will be helpfull

Thanks a lot !!! I was trying that a long time , now i was able to implement it , i think its better that buttons the completely open and closes the ramp !

Thanks a lot for your kind words!!! I will try my best since I develop it solo in term of programming and 3d modeling. More good things are gonna be added in the feature.

Ship Simulator Realistic is developted from 1 person using Unity 3D Game Engine. The game will be based on a free roam aspect and maybe in the future missions. Additionally a big update will be the import system of models that community made.  Also the game will be based in Greece Scenery thats is still a WIP feature cause i focused on the ship features and i left behind the scenery progress.

Link :