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Nite Vision

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i like how the bullets move in local space instead of world space, not sure if intentional but it felt neat

really interesting story beats

some really cool places in this game, love the funky walk animation, having no audio but my unfinished music loop playing at like 10% volume made it feel like an ironic punishment

wow this is cool, lot of style, hitboxes are a lil suspect though

you might be on to something here, interesting

honestly.... W, I should have put something in there for if you overflow the score

animations were really good, could have used more sfx also it crashed twice

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music and sfx were out of this world, was not expecting to hear FM Synth this jam

cute, except for the eyes at the edge of the village, which freak me out

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I love the expansive levels that really capture a sense of adventure, and the game looks extremely good when there are a lot of enemies moving around onscreen.  Made it to level 2, probably could have beaten it if the collision detection and jumping controls were a little more reliable

I like the skull zooming in for the death screen

the camera was insane and i couldn't find the hider but i'm a sucker for weird 3d graphics and goofy walk cycles

I wish I could fire more than one bullet at once but the music goes really hard

Really cohesive and appealing presentation overall, very nice

getting stabbed is really funny

I liked the multiple endings, the music was hypnotic

liked the lo-fi assets and the randomly generated dungeons a lot, very cool classic dungeon crawler feel

very good art and funny writing

the demon is an absolute jerk, very cool look though!  had a fun Quake kind of feel

I like the sound effects a lot.  I actually played this for quite a bit, really unique and well-executed idea for puzzle game, always good to see.

super tight level design and interesting hazards! impressive use of minimal assets and mechanics.

I like the graphics, what did you make this in?

I liked all the different costumes

thanks! I made it in Pico-8 - it's a great engine for just doing quick experiments with software rendering like this!

it's a real....... Nite vision

oops I knew I was forgetting something re: the camera lmao

sorry :(  was it crashing during gameplay?

thank you, this was probably the single thing I worked the hardest on personally

Great characters, I wish I could have seen more of the abandoned mall!

mind-bending gameplay and menacing atmosphere

always cool to see some soft body physics

I laughed, I cried, I rode my horse off the edge of the map

I liked the funky music and the responsive control, and the lil thing that happens when your sprite flips directions

the things in this game just looked really good

how do I unlock the other animals, I got the racoon to like level 30

fun idea!  the second half of the game was really tough

the level of polish here is really outstanding, incredible effects and fun gameplay

I got 112, very fun, I like the music and how it gets faster.

I couldn't figure out what to do but it was fun running around trying to find all the different characters, cool pixel art

these idiot kids keep throwing lemons at me