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i dont wanna play anymore ((


oh, now I get it... It's because I'm russian

why russian speech synthesizer

i love it!

thanks a lot!

Môsi community · Created a new topic wasd control keys

Is there a way to use wasd to control the player?

Beautiful graphics and interesting mechanics! Keep it up!


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I used:
- edit room from dialog
- dialog pause
- dialog jump
- transparent dialog

I also modified this line in transparent dialog hack:

Changed it to this:

It allows you to change color of textbox changing bitsy variable, very useful (in the above example it gets variable "a"). Palette colors start at 16.

Cat moving code looks something like this:

It's important to put spaces after pause, otherwise it won't work.

It turned out very well. It's interesting that you can skip cutscene just by pressing any key.


This is my first attempt to create a game, but unfortunately I didn't manage to come up with an interesting plot. So I left this project unfinished.

This is also my first attempt at pixel art, and my very first level design experience.

Thank you very much for your interest in this. I did't plan to finish this project, but I think that now it needs to be finished.

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beautiful chill game)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it)

I'm using google translate to write this, but I hope you'll understand everything.

borksy has a hack called transparent background (first color in palette).

since bitsy games are html files, we can edit them like a website (add videos, images, etc.)

i edited the css of my game in borksy (a few lines) to set the background to a rainbow gif i found on google

That's basically it.

If you're interested, I can write more about it in discord.

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You're on a party. Have fun!

Party Space is a short, simple game made for loops (bitsy jam)

It's my first real game, made for my first game jam.

Check it out:

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It’s good that I have a dishwasher, otherwise unpleasant thoughts cannot be avoided... (how to do dishes again?)

thanks, it means a lot to me)

love the game! so cool)

pretty cool and fun game)

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Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback! I thought no one would ever play my little game )